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Thread: Introducing the NEW AlexAwesome

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    Default Introducing the NEW AlexAwesome

    I guess I'm staying for a bit. I can't figure out how to delete my account anyway. Plus, I been here for two years. No point deleting my account. False alarmmm Im stayingg!
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    I know. Confusing. Well, I actually wrote a ton in the box up there like yesterday but then I deleted it because the point was not to bore you, it was simply to tell you I wasn't going to leave after all.

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    Basically, after all that I've been through on this site, I cannot just simply join the bandwagon and bounce in ADISCs "Slump" - If anything, ADISC is a community, obviously. And when undergoing hardships, do communities just go like "Peace, see ya round!" No, they try to fix it. I've been getting tons of ideas for new creative posts that I haven't seen. I wanna help get this site back on its feet in the eyes of everyone who left who complained that ADISC is a "sunken ship" of sorts. This site helped me out so much when I was a lost and confused kid. Now that I'm not anymore, and have reason to believe ADISC helped a lot in that, I would feel like I'm giving this place the short end of the stick. I need to pay ADISC back for helping me. I'm not just gonna up and leave.

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    Hey Alex. I am glad you are staying around.

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