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    Default The England Football Team...

    ... Because everyone thinks they know better, and, in Fabio Capello's case, most of us truly seem to.

    What makes perfect sense to us, the loyal audience, is an idea that has probably not even crossed his mind as a possibility (think bringing Emile Heskey on at 4-1 down to Germany).

    Yes we 'hammered' Bulgaria last Friday, but that barely papers over the cracks the World Cup highlighted.

    Personally, I'd give Rooney a kick up the arse and drop him. He's been too useless for too long, and Peter Crouch has been incredibly underrated as of late. This is coming from a Man Utd fan, too.

    IN the midfield, I like Milner, and Lennon, too. Both are fast, attacking, and can ably cross a ball. Would it also hurt too much to try and play without both Gerrard AND Lampard? Otherwise, Carrick over Barry and Beckham can watch from his old folks' home.

    In defence, we missed Ferdinand and no-one else ever looked up to scratch. Upson/Dawson/Lescott etc lack so much big-match experience... They looked weak. King is a crock and Carragher is too old and too slow. So here... I don't have any answers!


    What would you do?
    Who has had their chance and failed to impress?
    Who needs to be IN and given a chance?

    Speak out now!

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    I still think it's hilarious that Team USA finished at the top of the Group... over England. Next year, we'll go past the knockout stage!

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    ummm you do know the world cup is every four years, and theres nothing after the knockout stage :P

    anyway i would definately drop heskey off the face of the planet and give joe hart the number one shirt. i woud slap some sense into rooney and i would probally give becks a assistant manager job, hes good at the auld morale boost

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    Rooney is too important to be dropped, he scores goals like no one and when in form he is amazing. Crouch is underrated but not as much as you think, him and Defoe are a fantastic pair up front for both England and Spurs. Zamora should be called up more.

    Carrick isn't as good as Barry, when partnered with Fletcher for Utd he is great but always seems to fall short for England. While Lampard and Gerrard don't need to be played together they are both essential in the midfield, Lampard is a fantastic attacking midfielder and probably our best penalty taker. Gerrard, when played in his preferred position, is very similar. Milner and Joe Cole are my preferred wingers, Milner on the right and Cole on the left. Lennon really doesn't cut the mustard with me, he gets injured easily and can waste a good chance. Beckham is getting on in years and should take a more background role. Adam Johnson, Walcott and Wilshere are the good young midfielders and should see more action over qualifying hopefully.

    Hart for goal, no question. Johnson on the right, Cole on the left. As for centre backs, if Terry or Ferdinand are unavailable then use either Upson or Jagielka, they may not have much experience but are both good at what they do. Dawson is looking pretty sharp and will probably used a lot more in the future. As for King, he is held together by staples at the moment, he can't get anymore injuries if he tried.

    Also MrMcAwesome, heskey has retired now.

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