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Thread: "Girls don't poo!" and other beliefs you had as a child!

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    Default "Girls don't poo!" and other beliefs you had as a child!

    We all know children have some pretty weird ideas about what is and isn't true! I remember at school one boy being adamant that girls really don't ever poo.

    How babies are made also seems to be a hotly debated topic in the playground!

    So what did you believe as a child that you now realise just isn't true?

    Back when I was first learning to read I though the 'To Let' signs on buildings meant 'toilet' and always wondered why the toilets always seemed to be upstairs!

    Happy hour in pubs as well always confused me. I genuinely believed everyone would break into a big song and dance at the designated time!

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    I used to believe every song ever released was made to be in a movie.

    i think this was from i was..... 7? :P


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    My brother believed that too; and that they didn't fart. XD

    I dunno if I can remember anything that I used to think that didn't make actual sense...

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    Butterfly Mage


    Granted, my family is more twisted than a pretzel...

    One of the beliefs I had as a child (because I was told this as a "fact") was that steam coming out of sewer grates was the result of spontaneous human combustion. Dad used to say that the homeless would sometimes catch on fire for no reason and that cops would push the smoking/steaming corpses down into the sewers.


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    when i was a kid i thought that the reason "Enjoy" used to be written on coke machines and coke cans was because coke was invented by the enjoy brothers. although thats what my dad told me and well i only found out that he was teasing me a few years ago.....

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    I used to think that when I hit 11 I will go to Hogwarts but now I think my latter got lost :p

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    I remeber watching TV and seeing the same toy ads over and over and I though "Ok if I buy you toy will you stop showing this? I actually did that once or twice becuase it was someting I wanted and the ad would keep playing; I was the same way with movie trailers.

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    I used to think that actors acted out movies every time I turned it on. Rewinding was more fun back then. >_>

    (I also know that more than half the people I know thought the same thing, at one point. XD)

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    I thought girls never farted but then my sister was born and she farts a lot. I also used to think that radio broadcasts stopped when you turn off the car and each car had a unique station.

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    for a long time. i thought everytime you shut of the tv. the show would pause. and when you turned it back on it would start up again.

    i used to get pissed when i would turn it back on and there was something else. i would yell asking who turned the tv on while i was gone

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