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    I am very lost in the choices now.
    My last mail order was a mix of Bambino's Classico and Bianco.
    They are good!
    I have gone as many as 5 wettings sitting up.
    All except sometimes a tab will tear of when changing.
    And I'm looking for a diaper that won't let me wet the bed.
    Does such a thing exist??? (I sleep on my side)
    I am from the old school plastic back Pampers generation of the late 60's through early 70's
    (back when pins were still used on disposables)
    I thought about going with AB Universe wing folded.
    But I got to admit Cushies look like a fun diaper.
    Not sure if they are cloth like cover or plastic backed.
    I don't mind spending a little extra for a good diaper.
    But, there are a lot of rip offs out there and I'm trying to avoid that.
    Any input would be thankfully welcomed.

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    Get yer self some abena samples from xpmedical dot com. I have yet to find a better cheaper diaper than the abenas here in the US.

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    Side sleep wetting is going to require good padding, tight fit, and fast acquisition. The bambino you were trying had the pad and the fit, but due to high sap are lacking in the acquisition speed. Suggest trying a sampler of Dry 24/76's.

    If you're breaking tapes on a bambino, you may be taping too tight or have the wrong size diaper. Lower tapes should not be trying to come together in the front, they're for sealing around your legs. If you try to wear a diaper that's too large and are cranking the lower tapes in hard to try for a tight cuff fit, you're going to leak around the front cuffs when wetting on your side. (or you're going to break tapes or split the diaper)

    I had issues with leaking out the top with a bambino when on my side, they're definitely not for flooding.

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    About your only good bet for wetting on your side is cloth with plastic pants, as disposables necessarily have a gap in absorbent material at the sides. If you insist upon a disposable, dry24/7 is about the best disposable out there.

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