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    Do you play music when playing a game or do you like the sounds of the game? Maybe both? For most of Resistance 1 I played with no music. On the boss fights I liked putting on some nice calm metal music. You know really soothing stuff like Mastodon, Megadeath, Metallica, Bullet, ext..In a game like GTA I like what the radio plays as I run from the cops. When playing any online games I'm on mic, so no music. Do you guys play music when you play games? If so what kind of music and with what games?

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    Well when its something I play all the time, like CSS, I usually play whatever Im in the mood for. Also, any game that lets you drive around, like GTA, I play Trance through the car radio.
    Grated, certain games I like much more because of the music. Killing Floor isn't that good of a game to me, but the metal that plays in the background while I shoot something in slow-mo makes it badass.
    Then some you cant really play your own music over to drown out the game, or you just might die. I could list a few that fall under that, buuuuut probably no ones heard of a good chuck of them.

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    I Listen to hardcore, metal, or Post hardcore when i play Shooters EG: halo or TF2. just because i get pumped listeing to it :P


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    I'll listen to music in games that don't have music, or just simplistic background music, granted I'm not watch T.V. or a movie at the same time (which is often the case). In team-oriented online games I won't listen to music while playing though.

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    I play games that incorporate music fully into them.

    Like AudioSurf. That takes any MP3 you have into a track.

    then Beat Trip Hazzard, again any MP3 you own will generate it's own "flow". Faster/intense songs are harder slow and low songs are easier.

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