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Thread: What are your dreams for the future as an AB/DL?

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    Smile What are your dreams for the future as an AB/DL?

    Im just wondering what peoples dreams for incorporating their AB/DL lifestyle into their future are, and I thought it might be nice to share them. Im not asking anyone to share their fantasies (sexual or otherwise), but rather genuine hopes for their future as an AB/DL.

    So Im wondering things like: Do you expect to be an active AB/DL for the rest of your life? Do you hope to meet a partner who is AB/DL as well? Or one who accepts it but doesnt join in? Or maybe you like the thrill of hiding it? Would you hope your friends and family know about this? Would you want to wear diapers 24/7? Would you wear in public? How often (if at all) would you engage in age play? Would you want to incorporate being AB/DL into your sex life? How often would you want to indulge in being an AB/DL? Would you indulge daily, or would you save it for special occasions? Would you want an adult sized nursery?

    My hopes for the future are that I meet a guy completely outside of the AB/DL community (on meeting guys who are other AB/DLs in the past Ive always found it harder to get to know them genuinely beyond that) wed share common interests (a sense of humour!) and do lots of things like camping, festivals, days out to amusement parks, zoos, little road trips Id like to be with someone I could be busy with.

    Hopefully hed be open minded, and already know of the AB/DL community just from stumbling around the internet. I dont expect that hed know much about it. I am quite open with all of my AB stuff, it is only my nappies/diapers that I hide from other people (I figure these are what theyd be most weirded out it.) I dont hide that I still sleep with a dummy/pacifier (I collect them so around 130 are displayed in my room anyway) or that I like to wear footed sleepers or drink from a bottle sometimes. Id hope hes put two and two together and come out with four, and bring the situation with me (I dont imagine ever being brave enough to bring it up myself).

    Hed say that whilst he isnt an AB/DL himself he suspects I am and wants to make me happy, so wants to allow me to fulfil my desires. Wed have a long (and hopefully not too awkward) conversation about what I want as an AB/DL of course here Id also let him talk about his desires and fantasies and hopefully try to accommodate him too.

    Anyway, with permission to incorporate my AB/DL side into our everyday lives it would still be important to act as adult most of the time. I think I would want to be given the go-ahead by my partner to wear and use nappies (just for urinating) as often as possible when at home, with him perhaps changing me some of the time. I doubt Id wear them in public much though, and wouldnt want to try and make myself incontinent or anything. I would also like to be able to wear footed sleepers around the house in the evenings (I just love them) and to bed when its cold. Id also like the freedom to use my pacifier at night and at other times, such as when watching TV etc. I like being bottle fed occasionally too, being fed a bottle before bed every night would be bliss. Im not very into age-play, so most of the time although I would have all of my comforting AB/DL stuff around me I would still be my adult self watch regular films/TV shows, play card games, cook food, just do regular things around the house. I imagine occasionally I might slip into baby talk, but probably just for 5-10 minutes before going back to adult me. Maybe occasionally I would want to act out some longer daddy/baby scenarios, but I cant imagine wanting to do this often. Aside from my partner I dont think Id tell anybody else about this side of me (although most of my friends and family already know about everything other than the nappies), and when people came around Id put away all of the baby stuff. Although the idea of playing and sleeping in an adult sized nursery sounds fun in reality I think the novelty would wear off very quickly for me, so I dont think I would bother going down that route. I dont think being an AB/DL is a sexual fetish for me, so I would try to keep sex and being an AB/DL separate.

    In the future I would hope to have a family, so when that time comes I imagine I would put away my AB/DL desires for a while (in my experience when I am busy I get far less of them anyway) and would perhaps just go as far as to wear the odd nappy around the house after the kids have gone to bed I would probably leave the rest of it for when theyve left home as I imagine seeing your mum in a nappy with a footed sleeper and dummy in her mouth would probably screw you up a little!

    So thats kind of an insight into my ideal future as an AB/DL. Im just wondering what yours is? Or if you feel youre already living your dream, then itd be great for you to share that too. Thanks for reading!

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    I think I'll always be a DL but the older I get the less into it I become. In my early 20s I would buy and wear diapers every week, sometimes I would even wear every night. I had a pretty big collection and would even buy vintage diapers over eBay. I'm now in my late 20s and I buy a pack only when a new style comes out and hardly ever wear anymore. I think when I have kids this will almost stop completely but I'll still like them. I think the reason why is because of money, being a AB/DL is expensive. I mean diapers can cost $20 a pack not mention all the other stuff. Someday when I have kids I can't really see spending the money on my diapers for fun when I have to buy their diapers, food, housing, clothing, toys, and save for college and my retirement.

    Also another reason why I liked diapers when I was younger is because of the trill I got from buying and hiding them. It was kind of fun worrying about getting caught. Now I'm older and it's no big deal. People don't look and wonder as I walk through the store and I live by myself so there's no worrying about getting caught. Nobody thinks anything of it. Let me give you an example, Goodnites sent some stuff to my parents house once (why is beyond me I haven't lived there for ten years) and they didn't think anything of it. They knew I had a girl friend that had a young son and that I have done volunteer work with kids. They just thought I some how got added to a marketing list. My point is that it's become normal or common with me and nobody suspects a well rounded adult of liking diapers.

    I do though hope in the future that diapers are more acceptable with older kids. What I mean is when I was a kid I wet the bed and had daytime accidents. Back then diapers or training pants past the age of 3 were unheard of. I really hope that if my kids have issues with staying dry that diapers are considered a normal and acceptable. I think we are almost there and I think Goodnites along with other brands have dong a great job of taking away that stigma.

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    For me, I kind of want to take life as it comes, so the same would go with how I want to wear diapers. But if I had to plan, I would like to wear at least twice a week though out high school.Diapers durring collage, or university will be really hard for me to picture. If I get into any relationship, I want to at least find someone who can accsept me for my Ab way. I won't push them to do anything they won't want to, Just ask that they don't mind me wearing. If they did imbrace my Ab side, that would be great.

    I am not good at looking into my future, but thats what I would hope for the most.

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    As I am gay, and understanding what I do about sexuality and the like, I know that being an ABDL will always be an intrinsic part of my life. How much a part, I'm not sure. It isn't a full blown part of my life now as it is. I'll wear every now and again (a pack of depends can last me over a month) but I peruse ABDL websites on a daily basis. I doubt if I, or most for that matter, can fully 100% give this up. That being said, looking to the future, I would ideally like to see myself as having continued this ability to balance normal life with my desires to wear diapers. My partner, if I have one, may not necessarily be an ABDL himself, though that would be cool, but would at the very least be ok with me partaking in wearing every now and then.

    It is a part of me. Always has, always will be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjess View Post
    What are your dreams for the future as an AB/DL?
    A couple of years ago I was thinking the same as you, although, approaching 40, I had gone through many years of guilt and worry about how my AB/DL side was effecting establishing a long term relationship. I had by then at least accepted that I wasn't going to magically be able to stop wanting to wear a nappy, and I had from the age of 30 finally become a habitual dummy user, so I no longer felt guilty about the fact I sleep most nights with a dummy.

    And then I met my GF... now fiance, and all my dreams have come true. She's not AB/DL, but fully supports the "little" side of me and is happy when I'm in a nappy, accepts that I use a dummy at night and we do occasionally role play a bit when having sex. I still keep the nappies hidden from view, although my supplies fill the bottom two drawers in the bedroom and I guess I've become a little more relaxed about things and have occasionally accidentally left a rolled up used nappy sitting by the loo, or my dummy out on my bedside table.

    Many years ago I looked at the progression of my ABDL side of things, from childhood experiments with plastic bags and towels, to buying baby nappies, to buying adult nappies, and how every year or so another milestone had passed where something that had been a big deal (eg ordering online) had become almost routine. I extrapolated that at that rate, by the age of 45 I would be wearing every night and eventually would go 24/7... not by plan, but because the more time passed the more regularly I was wearing and eventually, like my dummy, it would become something I needed all the time.

    I don't think that will happen really - life, work & kids mean that there is a limit to how much I wear and I think over the last few years I've reached an equilibrium that hopefully is a good balance.

    Anyway, it sounds like you have things nice and straight in your head - find that right person and your ideal future will come true... it's all possible!

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    19 at the moment. I'm still very inexperienced when it comes to relationships so for the near future I'm just looking for a long term relationship to be in. I've kind of hidden behind the excuse that I'm going to only focus on school but I finally feel mature enough to handle a relationship for the first time in my life. As for my ab tendencies I haven't really had the freedom to wear as much as I care to and I'm hoping to fulfill those desires possibly in the upcoming summer if I can manage to get an apartment for myself here. If I can get a place to myself and a steady job I may splurge into a full time wearing mode for the whole summer, just to see what it's like. I like to be social so I wouldn't want to live like this for an extended period of time but maybe I would enjoy a break from the rest of the world just for one summer. My main focus is just surviving school and finding a life career that I can be happy with. I have yet to zero in on what I'm going to do yet.

    In the future or in one long enough relationship I hope to reveal my ab side to a partner. I haven't really explored my sexual interests yet so I'm not even sure where I'd want things to go with that. I've yet to try things like role-play and I've only briefly dipped into regression and I'm curious to see where my interests are in this. I do know that I would try this with a girl at least once to see what it is like but I bet I'll be terrified to take the first leap and reveal this to someone for the first time. Never really caught by anyone and I'd like to keep it that way.

    It may be my naivety of youth but I still think that I can pursue a lifestyle where I'm on my own in many different places for a long time. I'd like to eventually settle down with a family but I don't think I'll want children till mid to late 30s. So for my longterm goals I hope to just go out live life and meet new people all over the globe. I'll have a private place to unwind and wear at the end of the day, but it won't be a permanent fixed location for a long while.

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    I am in my 30's and cannot see myself giving this lifestyle up at all. if I ever get married and I do want to I will not wear diapers as much only when my wife and kids are gone and i am alone. just because you get older and have responsibilities that does not mean you have to give up the ab/dl lifestyle my life is better off because of it. I usually spend about $400 or less per year on disposable diapers and I use cloth so I can wear diapers more often to save money.

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    This is an awesome post/query. It's always been in the back of my mind but have never given brought it to the forefront to really contemplate. I truly hope my AB/DL needs disappear when I meet a girl/get married/have kids, I just think that would be a complete hazard in that sort of life. I really enjoy it now and wish I could stay this age for awhile longer but time machines haven't been invented yet so o well lol. This could just be a phase (a really, really long one) in my life as I hope it is so I can move on to having a family without any problems one day. On the same token if I met a girl with the same interests as I have and we were compatible, I would be more than happy there too just to have someone who completely understood and shared it with me. I don't know if I will become more into being an AB/DL, as in getting a onesie, paci, bottle, w/e else that goes along with it...I'm pretty happy with my diapers as of right now. I do know that getting in a diaper and regressing for a few hours is extremely relaxing after any kind of day, depending on my mood of course. When I was young I never expected to be this age and still into diapers. But nevertheless I still am, and don't see it going anywhere...I just really, really hope it doesn't intrude on my future in a negative way. Right now it seems like a blessing, I hope it doesn't turn into a curse in the future. If I had to I would give up having children in the interest of preserving a normal household if I am still an incurable AB/DL, which is looking to be the case. Thanks for the read!

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