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Thread: the making of a diaperbag?

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    Default the making of a diaperbag?

    hi all!

    i was wanting to start a diaper bag for my baby boy. i imagine it cant be to diffrent from the one my 3yr old has n has have over the last 3 years.

    i friend of mine gave me some good ideas, but i wanted to see what others thought.

    so what do you all put in your diaper bags? n what type of bag do you use?

    EDIT: ps. i just found out that my bf ab side is 1 1/2 yrs old. so im thinking stuff like bottles, chew toys n the like also?
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    Here's what I keep in my diaper bag:
    a diaper or two (duh XP )
    change of underwear and plastic pants
    changing pad
    container of wipes
    container of petroleum jelly
    some zinc oxide ointment
    a snack
    sometimes a change of shorts (if I'm wearing a cheaper diaper that's prone to leak)
    some hand soap and hand lotion
    bag of diaper sacks for dirty ones.

    Sometimes I'll also carry a small vial of medicine, i.e. acetaminophen, aspirin, allergy medicine, and sudafed, depending on how I'm feeling that day/what time of the year it is. The key to discreteness is folding your changing pad over anything incriminating, that way if anyone happens to see into your bag, the worst they'll see is a nondescript plastic mat.

    Right now, I just use an old messenger bag that I have, or else I'll use the rear compartment of my backpack. The latter holds considerably less, but it's much more convenient if I'm at work or if I have a busy day of meetings and classes than lugging two bags with me everywhere I go.

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    Hi Jamie's Mommy,

    Above Slim gave you a list of basics many carry to babysit Adult Babies.

    In my own AB mood I prefer pinned gauze diapers, so in the role of "Daddy Don" my husband needs to carry a lot of stuff. Of course most of my AB play is at home, to be discreet. When we are going to an AB gathering, my babyish clothing is disguised with a coat and Don covers my diaper bag with a dark cloth sack.

    Over many years I have collected some totally babyish diaper bags. The one Don uses the most is bright pink, with outside pockets for baby bottles, wipes, Desitin and powder container. That diaper bag has a compartment to hold a changing pad. This was a gift several years ago and is made of baby print vinyl, stitched as a quilt, with some padding between layers. It unfolds 30x40" which is more than large enough to change me.

    Inside the bag another compartment holds 3 folded 36" square gauze diapers and 6 Gerber baby Birdseye prefolds, plus spare diaper pins. Another compartment holds 3 clean vinyl panties. Still another compartment, with a zipper is reserved for wet diapers and vinyl panties. It has a vinyl lining which gets cleaned after every use while the wet diapers are in the washing machine.

    Certainly modern adult disposables require a lot less room in a diaper bag. Also, if you carry disposal baggies, you are not carrying dirty diapers home with you. I am not sure how many different kinds of diaper rash ointment you really need. Desitin works for me and I rarely need it.

    Best wishes. You are most welcome to PM me if you want more information.

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    thank you so much for you help slim. it is very much aprecaited!

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    thank you so much! im finding that being mommy to an abdl is much diffrent than being my 3yr olds mommy! lol

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    thank you so much also angela! i will rember that

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    If you go onto YouTube, you can look up "Adult Baby Diaper bag" and there are quite a few videos about what you could put into and AB diaper bag.

    As for what I usually had in mine:
    --A couple diapers
    --Baggies to put used diapers into
    --Changing pad
    --Change of clothes (rare)

    I normally used a backpack when I was out while padded. My backpack has a section for a laptop that's inside one of the sections. That's where I put the most incriminating things (the diapers)

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    in an AB diaper bag, i would have
    bag for diapers
    bottle ( baba )

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