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Thread: Knee pain - no clue how this came about

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    Default Knee pain - no clue how this came about

    The last couple of weeks, I have been waking up with intense pain in my right knee. It goes on and off throughout the day, and it's usually at its worst when I am sitting or lying down.

    Today, however, it started hurting during my workout routine. And it started hurting horribly. I had to quit working out early and go home. That was half an hour ago, and it still hurts. It's swelling a little bit, as well.

    My mother gave me the worst advice ever regarding this - "If you think it is going to be alright, chances are it will get better on its own. If you think it is going to get worse, it definitely will. It's all the power of your mind that's creating this."

    Yeah, really.

    Needless to say, there is a history of knee problems in both my mother's and my father's side of the family.

    I am thinking about seeing a doctor about this very soon. Wish me luck.

    However, until then, does anybody here have any idea what may be causing this?

    I'm only 31, I'm too young for my knee to be going bad. Heh.......

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    I've just been referred for possible knee surgery so I feel your pain on this one - literally!

    My knee pain is called condromalaysiapatelae (sp?) so check that out, it could be that, and affects people quite young!

    Good luck with the doctor!

    P.S. Ignore your mum

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    Well, it could be arthritis or gout, which I have had in my right foot before. Even though I feel I am too young to have conditions like that. Heh.

    I'll see a doctor about it, and pray that no surgery is involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebornKaworu View Post
    Well, it could be arthritis or gout, which I have had in my right foot before. Even though I feel I am too young to have conditions like that. Heh.

    I'll see a doctor about it, and pray that no surgery is involved.
    Since you've had Gout before, it's more likely. You could also have a a bit of Bursitis but without actually looking at your knee I can't say for sure.

    If you have swelling, you probably need to try to ice it (if it's NOT gout*), keep weight off of it.

    Naproxen sodium works well with these types of pain of you have it.

    *Don't ice gout, it'll make it hurt even more

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    have you fallen at all or anything like that recently? I have knee pain every once in a while because i F-ed up my knee if a crash.

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    Nah, I didn't have any falls recently. I just started waking up a couple of weeks ago with the knee sorta hurting, but today was the first time it got into the territory of what I consider to be painful.

    Now, my knee is starting to swell a bit and it looks like it is developing a shade of red around it.

    Don't know if this is related, but I have started to run a temp, as well.

    Why is it that all of these physical ailments have to attack me after I stop drinking? Hehehe.

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    Knee injuries are the worst, I've torn my acl on my left knee 4 times in my life, and just thinking about it makes me nauseas.

    At any rate... I am thinking your symptoms sound a lot like "water on the knee".

    What is "Water On The Knee?"

    This link says it's usually caused by arthritis, but it can occur if you over work your knee or strain it and continue overworking it. A friend of mine randomly got this when he was around 15 for no apparent reason. They drained the fluid from his knee and he's never had and issue since.

    I am not a doctor, so I am just speculating of course.

    You should probably go a see a doctor to make sure you're that you're not causing permanent knee damage by ignoring it.

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    well I blew my knee in high school sports and had 2 surgeries and should have gotten another one but I guess I'll just wait until I end up having to get it replaced at 40 or whatever.

    But yea, u could have slightly torn your cartilage in your joint, that's what I did after my 1st surgery and it would ache sometimes, especially in the cold, but it would also swell up occasionally. BUT I'm not an expert, so one of those other guys could be on to something logical

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    It probably isn't this, but;
    I had a bone spur in my knee. (benign tumor) It broke off of my femur when I was kicked in the knee by a girl wearing a soft cast. She kicked me for not kissing the girl I had been going out with yet. I hadn't kissed her, because I was asked to ask her out as a favor. Also, I'm not attracted to girls.
    The piece of bone was lodged into my knee, and had to be surgically removed. Left a nasty scar.

    She'll pay in her own special way... I'm not worried. I may egg her house on Halloween. I'll see if I can devise an egg cannon.
    Her family wouldn't pay the copays. They said that I kicked her first, and they would sue... Yah. Sure...

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