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Thread: Can I have a shipment made to somepace other than my house ( for pick up)? ( story of my first diaper order)

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    Default Can I have a shipment made to somepace other than my house ( for pick up)? ( story of my first diaper order)

    Here's the deal. Yesterday The mail man delivered my1st package of goodnites.My Mom saw that I had a delivery but I just told her that it was for a prank I was going to play on a friend of mine next month ( She has no idea that they are diapers, just that I had a shipment which she thought of as unusual)...

    On Friday won another pack of goodnites, The owner just messaged me and said that they went to ship today but the post office closed at noon due to Holiday, and that due to my prompt payment they will be sending me a 2nd pack free. Now they can't ship until Tuesday, and it is estimated that it will be 3- 4 business days Via US Postal service Priority mail. There is a chance that they could come on a Saturday again, and I realy don't want to use the " prank" line again... SO can I have them ship to a local drop off center, or will this only work for UPS,etc?? Any other Ideas? I have until Tuesday to let the seller know.

    Edit: another Idea I have is: If I dont have the packages by Friday, Then I could go on a Run saturday Morning, and generally be out, but near the house and when I hear the Mail man come, take the packages from him/ her without my parents ever knowing that the packages were delivered.
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    Hmm. I know there are several for sale... not totally sure about vacant though.

    btw I saw that you are from Missouri, so am I

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    find a UPS store and get it shipped there. You could also say that it is the 2nd part of the prank or something along those lines.

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    How will this work. Last time I ordered off Ebay, I didn't have a tracking number. Will the US postal service just drop it off at the UPS store and the store will hold it until I can pick it up? should I just randomly check in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RalieghFhang View Post
    Find a vacant house and ship it to that address.
    You have vacant houses just standing around there? Or has the subprime crisis hit hard all over the country?

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    while there are several for sale, none re vacant that I am aware of. btw can you answer my above question?

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    If you don't want them sent to your house, you could try getting a PO box. Try searching here if you're not sure where to find one.

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    Check with your local fedex and ups depots. Sometimes they will hold a package for pickup, without attempting delivery.

    The depots around here have made some annoying new rules saying they have to attempt at least once before they will hold for pickup. Was annoying, I ordered my new laptop online and had to wait an extra day to pick it up, because they refused to skip the first attempt (when there would be no one around to sign for it) and their window closes before the truck returns in the evening :P

    So just call ahead. and find out what method your vendor will send by. Get a tracking number so you can request a hold without attempt.

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    I was thinking about getting one how much do you think they cost and how long you you have to get them for? (UPS)

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