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Thread: Nanaka- An anime that is PERFECT for TB/AB/DL Otaku

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    Default Nanaka- An anime that is PERFECT for TB/AB/DL Otaku

    While on ANN ( anime news network) looking up information about some anime I was watching and other stuff, I stumbled upon an anime series that is great for those Otaku that also are TB/AB/DL's. The series in question is called Nanaka 6/17.

    The story is about a college or Highschool student ( I forget what if he was a college student or not. But that REALLY doesn't matter). Anyways, she get's into a crash accident which, this causes her to revert back to a six year old. I looked it up, and it looks pretty good. The art style is a hybrid of chibi and the normal realistic anime art style.

    If you want more information on it, here's the link.

    Nanaka 6/17 (TV) - Anime News Network
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    XP That looks pretty interesting. Think I'll watch it with m fiancee.

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    Nanaka 6/17 is pretty good. I really liked it. However, it's really really heart-wrenching and depressing at times too. It made me cry a few times.

    Basically, she has a fight with her childhood friend, Nenji, more or less about her becoming way too stuck up and too good for everyone else as she got older (and she did, she's pretty annoying in her 17 year old mode) and that he really can't be her friend anymore, which upsets her enough to cause her to fall down a fight of stairs, getting knocked unconscious.

    When she wakes up, all of her memories from 6-17 seem to be gone and she thinks she's 6 and that a "magic spell" she and Nenji casted when they were really 6 to become adults came true and that's why she and her friend look older. You can see how much her personality changed over the years and how she let go of her playful spirit and childhood dreams. The series goes in to why this happened later on.

    So basically, Nenji becomes more like a big brother to her, looking out for her and such, protecting her from the adult world as much as he can. This changes his character as well, opening him up again (he's sort of a delinquent-type character who gets into a lot of fights pre Nanaka becoming a 6-year old in mind again). But being a 6 year old in a 17 year old's body isn't all happiness, as it will cause issues obviously. It gets really upsetting and sad in some parts. But it is also cute and silly as well.

    So yeah, I won't spoil it, but it is a good watch and it has been released in the US if you happen to live there.

    Anyway, opening here:

    YouTube - Nanaka 6/17 Opening

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    I think I might watch this sometime! I'll make sure not to read MixyNyxi's post. Might spoil too much.
    The age regression element reminds me a little bit of Case Closed. I wonder if there are a lot of other animes with that. I would imagine there have to be more, but the only other one I can think of right now is Dragonball GT.

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    It seems good. I'm not a die-hard anime fan but I don't mind watching them.

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