I'm sad to say that after two years of helping out with ADISC, Martin has decided to step down as staff, due to an increasingly demanding real life.

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I joined ADISC about 4 years ago and it helped me a lot, about 2 years ago I became a mod. I was very glad to be able to do this because it gave me an opportunity to give back to a community that gave me so much.

Fast-forward 2 years, I went up the chain of command, finally ending up a senior mod.

Now it's time for me to pass the stick. I'm going from a high school situation to a Uni situation with an average week of 40-60 hours (def not less) and 3 hours of travel a day. Altogether hella long weeks, I can't be able to do and that and ADISC. So I have chosen to lay down my position as a moderator here for someone to fill up with more time. I might some day be able to do it again but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now I am not going to continue. Thanks for trusting me.

Martin has been highly helpful over the years, personally ridding ADISC of over 200 shady individuals, as well as moderating both the IRC and the forums. So, we will miss him, and his talents.

On behalf of everyone he has helped, I thank him, and wish him the best with his studies.