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Thread: It's Finally Gonna Happen!

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    Red face It's Finally Gonna Happen!

    OK, this year, I'm going to catholic school and my brothers are going to public school, so we start on different days. Now, my mom is a teacher, and she'll be going back to work on the same day. And, my dad go's into the city to work. So, I'm finally gonna do what I've always wanted to do ever since I discovered I was a DL. I'm gonna buy diapers. I checked out the local super market, and they have Goodnite Underwear there for $12, and I'll have the privacy and time to finally get them!

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    Most important thing to remember HelpPlz is to just stay calm cool and relaxed. When I first bought diapers I was shaking like a crazy man and boy did it every make me look stupid. Now days I'm as cool as a cucumber. Try to just act as if you are just buying a chocolate bar or something...

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    thnx for the advice! the only downside is that i gotta hold out till Tuesday to get them

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    Well good to hear. Be glad you have the time to get it. But be very sure you have a place to put it or you will regret it. I had to hide mystuff outside and it didn't work out. It rained so all the diapers were ruined. Sad day for me indeed.

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    See if you have space to hide them under your bottom dresser drawer. That always worked for me when I needed to hide them.

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    Weird, that's almost exactly what I was gonna do.

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    Good to hear! I hope all goes well, HelpPlz1996.

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