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    Default Hi all

    Name explains it all I'm a princess who loves her pullups

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    Hey nice to meet you and welcome to adisc :P Don't you have any other interests then just pullups?

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    Sadly, I am going to have to disagree - your name does not explain much at all.

    First-off, you being a princess in pull-ups doesn't tell us anything out your non-AB/DL interests.

    Second, saying that you are a princess could mean a lot of things.

    Third, it doesn't explain why you have not yet looked at, or otherwise have ignored, the stickies at the top of this sub-forum regarding how to post an intro, which would have told you all of this. We're happy to have you on ADISC, but, simply put, this kind of one-line intro that tells us you like diapers (which we already know 'cause you're here) is kind of creepy - you can remedy this by describing yourself a bit.

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    I'd agree with the nut free fruit cake over there, however much I dislike fruit cake, with or without nuts.

    Welcome to ADISC, your highness.

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    Here are some links for you to read. Then you can try again with your introduction, ok?

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

    We want to know about you as a person, and a one line introduction doesn't really tell us anything

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