Since ADISC is a support organization, all the words in my topic title have been used here previously. We are lucky to have a system giving us those alerts.

Recently there have been threads in which members with communication difficulties express frustration. Those who do not write using Standard English feel they are slighted by other members. At the same time members complain they have difficulty reading posts with more than a few spelling errors.

In these threads a few members have mentioned helping others, doing copy-editing and so on.

Up-front I confess that although I have mentored younger folks for many years, as far as I know all understood Standard English and did not tell me they had any learning issues. Based on the marvelous sharing here about AS, they might not have been diagnosed. Certainly I do not hold myself out as an expert special needs educator. I am an attorney who writes for attorney publications and was a Law Review editor my final year of law school.

Perhaps here in ADISC we can start a program in which members who would like help with their writing could ask the powers that be assign them a tutor or several tutors. It is said that the best way to reinforce your own education is to teach someone else. We have members who admit being very mature and others who are young teenagers. Many from these age groups communicate very well. We also have mature adult members who set poor standards when writing.

It always makes me sad to receive a letter from a young person who asks about a career in the legal profession and yet does not realize they do not write in a standard way. Often I make a copy of their letter and correct it as if they were my student. I try to do so as gently as possible.

The thing is often fascinating ideas and concepts are communicated poorly. It would be foolish to reject all badly communicated concepts, and yet it takes a force of will to read such communication line by line doing a translation.

How do the members and mods feel about this?

I mention assigning tutors so as to avoid a need for strangers to meet face-to-face. Probably such assigning would be a chore for the mods.