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Thread: I hate ups..

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    Default I hate ups..

    I really, really do.. they can't stick to their delivery date- every time I've ever used them they are a day or more late. I was supposed to get my pachage yesterday, but no, the idiots couldn't find my house- saying the address doesn't exist. So they call me, and I inform them that the address IS real, and that they have delivered here before- like 40 times at least throughout the years..

    So now they're going to try again with the delivery, but since they don't do a Saturday delivery.. I'll have to wait til after Memorial day. Thanks, idiots. It would have been quicker to have driven to NY, and picked up my package directly from the seller...

    This happens EVERY time I use UPS.. they never get the delivery right.. I just wish people would use USPS Priority. It's faster, its' cheaper, and better yet, it's RELIABLE. Never mind it doesn't have a tracking number that works.. because I know that it will be here in exactly three days. I'm now into day 6 with UPS, and I won't get my package until day 9. I am pissed.

    Now I know why their trucks are brown: because their services aren't worth a lump of s***. I am never going to use UPS again- I hope they go out of business. Yes, I am going ti complain to them directly. I just thought I'd come on here and bitch for a bit just to get warmed up.


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    Hmm...I've used their slowest shipping thing (ground I think)...And I always get the things on time...Sometimes early even...

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    They have screwed up my stuff at times, dilivered it across the street, and I had to go and find my stuff, I have much better luck with fed-ex and they deliver on saturday, but don't deliver on monday.

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    Don't get me started on private mail companies. One of them delivered two packages to my parents' house that were supposed to go to someone two houses down the road, and someone in another town altogether. One package was car tyres (wrong size for any of our cars though, unfortunately).
    I informed the delivery company in writing that any item delivered to my parents' home shall be considered their legal property, so now I'm waiting for them to receive a box of diapers payed for by someone else.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    so now I'm waiting for them to receive a box of diapers payed for by someone else.

    lol yes that would be nice, but
    3.your preferences
    are all variables.

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    about 2 weeks ago I ordered a new power supply unit and Video card from newegg and I got the package in about 2 days. Though newegg's shipping center was only in south California and I am in central California. Anyways UPS isn't that bad I think but I don't live in a small out of the way place either.

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    My least favorite is DHL. They seem to be pretty inconsistent about delivery times and things like that. UPS has always been pretty good for me. FedEx is somewhere in the middle. I'm not sure I would choose them first, but they do a decent job of getting things where they need to be and on time.

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    From what experiences (shipping horror stories at times) I've heard, I think service with every courier varies from excellent to poor depending on your locality. With me, UPS service has been mostly good and usually they make deliveries to our area within the same half hour - 10:30am to 11:00am. However, there was the time a box was delivered mashed on top with a dirty shoe print on it. Fortunately, the item inside did not occupy the centermost space in the box or it would have been destroyed.

    I've only had a couple DHL deliveries and can't complain about their promised delivery time either. On the other hand, FedEx has been a real pain at times. The worst was when I bought a stroller from someone I knew. I put up with delivery exceptions for a week after the original delivery date on their site tracking page was missed. Out of utter frustration, I called and told them to hold it at the terminal, DO NOT load it on a truck again to have yet another failed delivery attempt occur! Then I made the 50 mile, two hour (one-way) trip, dealing with stop-and-go rush hour traffic on the Capitol Beltway, with it snowing(!!!) to add to the traffic woes, to reach their terminal for a pick-up. The box was all beat up and coming apart, as expected from being taken on and off a truck for a week, but at least the stroller was OK. Oh, and no one there could offer any explanation as to why the miss-deliveries went on so long.

    FedEx is usually much cheaper than UPS for large packages, but their service probably is like with everything else - "you get what you pay for!"


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    yeah i prefer USPS because they put it in the mailbox unlike UPS and since i am never around to get the package, i dont want it put on the doorstep.

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    USPS has been the most consistent with my deliveries but they are so limited in what you can send with them. UPS was pretty good back in NJ but their delivery times could have been better. FedEx only used them once and didnt have any problems with them, DHL never touched em because i haven't heard enough about them. Im in Indiana right now and just ordered some stuff so lets see what happens in the next week with these guys.

    I actually might be getting a job at UPS sometime in the future, have a decent tuition re-reimbursement set up. Two of my roomates work at UPS and have had no complaints from it (aside from some aching muscles here and there), but im guessing that they cut corners somewhere along the line.

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