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Thread: Pacifier dipped in honey

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    Lightbulb Pacifier dipped in honey

    Warning, if you have/live with children under 12 months, DO NOT do this, it can, and there IS a risk to give your poor child's undeveloped immune system BOTULISM unless you cook it at 122 deegrees celsius!

    Here's a little tip for a potentially nice experience with a paci;

    It's a thing my mom (as well as several other parents) used to do for me, and all my siblings at infant stage, , in the early 90's and further back until it was found out to be dangerous for infants under 12 months:

    Basically, what you do is get a pacifier, dip it slightly in honey, or any other sweet substance (syrup works too) and then put it in your mouth (duh)

    For those of you who try this, why not tell me what you think of it?
    Did you like it?

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    That does sound interesting.

    I might try peanut butter this weekend.

    When I take a shower in the morning I usually have my pacifier still in my mouth and when it comes time to brush the teeth I brush the pacifier (including the plastic area), too then I usually put it in my mouth before rinsing it. It is different feeling and it seems like the pacifier sits better (even after I rinse it off) in the mouth. Weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid View Post
    I might try peanut butter this weekend.
    I wouldn't recommend this unless you're using a silicone nipple. Remember that peanut butter has a high oil content, and as you should have learned in health class, oil deteriorates rubber. It's for the same reason that you don't use oil-based lubricants with a latex condom. You don't want to ruin your pacifier and swallow bits and pieces of it.

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