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Thread: You know you might be a DL if:

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    Default You know you might be a DL if:

    You can name more then 5 bands.
    You have tried more then 5 brands.
    You prefer plastic backed.
    You like smelling baby powder.
    You have spent time alone just to wear.
    You purposefully drink a lot of water when wearing.
    You have stressed out over telling a bf/gf.
    You consider wearing if traffic is heavy.
    You know what pampers size 7's are.
    You used to sneak diapers as a kid.
    ....Feel free to add any to this cheesy post!! I got bored.

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    hmm lets see. yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes (today!), no, yes, yes, yes.

    - you know what it means to be "padded"
    - you can recognize another DL by sound of their crinkle or the bulge of their padding
    - you've worn more than one diaper at a time
    - you know what SAP is
    - your most feared fashion faux pas is a leak
    - you sometimes add extra padding not for the protection, but for the bulk

    ok who's next?

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    when ...

    You are walking in a store and intentionally find yourself looking down the baby aisle. (okay that might be more of a TB/AB)

    You are walking in a store and intentionally find yourself glancing at the diapers on the aisle ends to see the size number.

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    When you are kicked in the croch and it dosen't hurt.

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    If you know what episode 515 of CSI: Las Vegas is and can call it your favorite.
    If you spend more time thinking about how to conceal in public than actually in public.
    If you have more diapers in your dresser than underwear.
    If your home smells like baby powder and you don't have a baby.

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