I got a series of complaints about his conduct, including one from a staff member.
On the basis of these complaints, I decided to ask him to step down from the wiki editor / IRC mod position I previously granted him.

Before I could ask him to do so, he did so himself, but chose to do so in a way designed to cause problems.
His actions not only violated several of the ADISC rules ("be polite", "be nice", "be mature", "no drama", etc) - they also caused a significant amount of problems, and stress, for both myself and the staff team as a whole.

I am grateful for Danny's past contributions to ADISC.
Nevertheless, neither they nor being a mod gives someone a free pass to violate the rules of ADISC.
If anything, the opposite is true: staff are held to a higher standard than members, and that includes higher standards of maturity.

I will likely be appointing a new person to help me out with content editing.
In the meantime, I'd like to thank everyone for their help in both writing, and nominating, articles, for the new articles system.