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Thread: New to site and new to diapers (nappies)

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    Default New to site and new to diapers (nappies)

    hi new to site and new to diapers
    hi after a accident last year i have finally been to walk again after intensive physio. problem is i still have to wear diapers. it was ok using a wheelchair because no one could notice
    the incontinence nurse keeps reassuring me my diaper cant be noticed but even bending down, foe example at a car boot to look at something, makes me think is my diaper showing
    i don,t use disposibles because i find them uncomfortable. and i don't think i could be talked into using them. were lucky that the NHS offer green diaper IE reuseable i opted for the trainer pants type which are comfortable to wear and are much better then disposibles.
    but again i just can't help feeling people will notice my diaper. has anyone had this problem to had it resolved. i don't want to start using a wheelchair again to go out.
    plus maybe a uk resident may help with this one. i have received my forms for disabilty benefit. i am walking now but not far. mine question is that it asks about carers allowance. basically around the house mums helps with my socks and shoes and sometimes my trousers. i change my own diaper. i can cook my own food is she able to claim for this.
    also now im using reuseable diapers. my mum has a habit of hanging them on the washing line to dry and last few weeks with the rain we have had she has hung them on the radiators to dry. its making me think to start using terry towelling. it least it will just look like a towel. i have spoke to the nurse who is sending a couple to try
    sorry for the questions but some comforting advice would help.

    ps i got about 200 attends if anyone wants them (west midlands area) NHS don't have them back and was told to dump them seems ashame

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    What size are the Attends?

    Don't worry, people don't notice. Nobody's interested in what underwear you've got on.

    Also, this should really go in the Introductions forum.
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    Whether your Mum would be eligible to get Carers Allowance would depend on what she does for you, and how much time she spends doing things for you. If you yourself are awarded the middle or high rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance, AND your Mum spends at least 35 hours per week caring for you, then your Mum would be eligible for Carers Allowance.

    The DirectGov website is pretty good: Carer's Allowance - introduction : Directgov - Caring for someone

    Like Arlikra said, you're post should really have gone in the introductions forum, but in any event, welcome to the site.


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