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  • Help White Guy get Weed

    1 5.00%
  • Help Hispanic Homeless

    10 50.00%
  • Hire White Laborers

    4 20.00%
  • Hire Hispanic Laborers

    4 20.00%
  • Forfeit the Funds

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Thread: Panhandler vs Day Laborers (Who will you help?)

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    Exclamation Panhandler vs Day Laborers (Who will you help?)

    Take a look at the following two (2) images and understand that the Courts have held both are protected Free Speech, under certain conditions (eg., non-aggressive, not impeding traffic or threat to public safety and/or infringing on the rights of others).
    (Source: National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty)


    (Source: The American Prospect)

    Day Laborers

    (Source: cockroach people)

    Now look at the attached alternate image of the exact same situation but with people from different ethic backgrounds in a little different environment.

    Consultants (Day Laborers) vs Homeless (Panhandler)

    Note: We have no evidence that the Day Laborers and/or Consultants avoid taxes. Same is true for the people panhandling for Starbucks, Weed or just looking for free money (still income). We just do not know what they do at the end of the year.

    Now the Situation
    You have $100 in a special fund at the end of the month that will be taken away, if not used (like a Flex-Spending Account). It is use it or lose it time. How would you spend the $100 if the fund can only be used in one of the four manners (based on the images):

    1. Help a White Guy buy weed and Starbucks
    2. Hire an Hispanic Worker to remove Diapers from your house
    3. Give the money to a Hispanic Homeless
    4. Hire White Workers to design an Adult Baby Crib

    Feel free to change the items to be completed around but the intent is still the same.

    Some items to discuss and review:

    Why would you select one item over the other?
    Did we discriminate in making our selection?
    Is there a difference between the White and Hispanic Guy seeking free money?
    Is there a difference between the White and Hispanic Laborers seeking to work for their money?
    Are we assuming the Whites or the Hispanics are legal residents?
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    I support my fellow Mexicans, even though I hate it when they walk up to the truck and try to steal my crap, I'd rather give it to them to support their families rather than have some random dude go out and buy weed. If anybody tells me that they need money to eat, here's what the priest at my church did: He made them eat at a local restaurant, he wanted to make sure they wouldn't spend the money off on weed or such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbonfiber View Post
    I support my fellow Mexicans
    Thanks for your honest reply.

    Would you just give them the $100 for free (eg, food gift card, eat lunch with them, starbucks gift card, etc) or have them preform a task that you needed done around your house (eg, paint, clean, build, etc) for the money?

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    If I had absolutely no choice but the 4 options listed, I'de buy the white guy a bag of weed to make sure he didn't spend it on food or something, for the sole reason that he has a sense of humour.

    That said, I'de rather just light the 100 dollars on fire in front of them.

    In general I dislike panhandlers and homeless people because I have this sense of "No excuse", a sort of, why don't you just work harder, stop failing at everything and start being pro rather then a leech. For many, being homeless is a lifestyle, they choose to continue being homeless, and I have no sympathy.

    As far as Mexicans go, I don't see how it's any different, we don't really have them in Canada, but the same policy applies.

    At least the day labourers are trying to work, but I still wouldn't give them free money, and I certainly wouldn't hire them out of sympathy.
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    I do all my work myself, so I wouldn't want laborers... And why would I help a guy buy drugs? Seriously? He should be giving them to me!
    I obviously chose to help the Hispanic homeless. It's just the most logical answer. Support your fellow man.

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    I never give money to pan handlers of any kind. Where I live they're mostly white scummy meth heads, or alcoholics of various nationalities. I have gone through the drive through a Mc Donald's and bought food for them a time or two, but have since quit doing that as well. The last time I did that for someone with a "hungry please help" sign. I was told "I don't want your food, I want your money". Pan handlers are like starbucks; there's one on every corner.

    I don't really see many day laborers here where I live since there is plenty of field work available. I have no problem with day laborers anyway; they're just trying to make an honest living to provide for their families. At least they actually work for the money they make; something panhandlers never intend to do.

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    Well... being hispanic my best choice was to help my fellow race.

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    I voted to help the Hispanic Labourers. Even though I live in Canada where the majority of the immigrants are Asian, presented this situation I would rather help some poor hispanics labourers make their way. The hispanics are constantly a target of American racial groups such as the Minutemen so I feel sorry for them. However I would rather help the labourers and not the hispanic homeless because most likely the hispanic homeless are homeless due to drug addiction, severe mental disorders etc (basically really messed up people) who would benefit the least from the money I gave them. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they became poor not long after I helped them. There are a lot of homeless people here in Vancouver and I can see from their behaviour that they ended up on the street due to chronic illnesses and drug addiction, not just because of bad luck, poor background etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid View Post
    Thanks for your honest reply.

    Would you just give them the $100 for free (eg, food gift card, eat lunch with them, starbucks gift card, etc) or have them preform a task that you needed done around your house (eg, paint, clean, build, etc) for the money?
    I know there are some hard workers out there, but I'd rather not have them do anything for me, mainly because I usually do anything and everything myself. I'd give them money at hand, if they don't look like they are going to turn around and sell drugs.

    I thought I was the only Mexican on here! I am happy now.

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    hard to see how a consultant can be considered a labourer; sitting on one's arse chatting with mates doesn't involve any labouring at all: it's socializing. and then, there's the vast difference in pay-scales which, to my mind, calls into question the justness of it all on the stance that one ought to be rewarded for one's contribution rather than ones social background or status; that is, one takes out [of the pot] proportional to what one puts in.
    taxwise, the consultants will almost certainly fiddling their taxes (they can afford accountants) and many can find themselves paying less tax than legal labourers who have no choice in how or what they're paid and what's taken out by the employer on behalf of the government. the labourers will also be paying full-whack on any purchase taxes which the consultants will be avoiding.

    however you look at it, the wealth of a nation (the pot) depends on what comes out of the ground, mostly as food (as that powers all other activity). if someone takes more out of the pot than another, the other goes hungry; if the taker has also taken more than they've put in, that's a crime, by any reasonable standard.
    as Chairman Mao once said: i need a poo.
    as some else once said: eat the rich.

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