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    Unhappy What should I do?

    I am a distance runner and thus I need to be well hydrated. For the past few years I have run practice on only 2 or 3 glasses of water. This year I have been getting 5-8 glasses a day which has helped. The issue is that I think my bladder shrunk because I was dehydrated for so long. Now if I drink 16 oz I have to pee 20 minutes later and then again after 15 minutes, and then again 10 minutes later. I have to get up to pee on average five times during the night. I don't feel tired but.... I know sleep cycles are like 90 minutes each so getting up seven times a night is probably bad. I go to the bathroom in between every class and still go in some classes. Do I have a problem? Every time I take a leak it is like a 8 second max stream. Everybody else stand at the urinal for like 30 seconds. Also I am having issues with urine leaking when I am done. I "shake myself off" and everything but I still have wet spots larger than a silver dollar on my pants. It was really bad today, I had a wet spot 1.5 inches in diameter that showed through not only my underwear but my pants as well.

    Bottom line is that I m getting annoyed with everything. I plan on probably wearing diapers in college but I have to survive this year. Am I legitmately having issues?

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    I would definitely say to go and get checked out by a doctor. While many of us here can give recommendations or advice, most of us are not medically trained or not capable of making a diagnosis via e-mail/post/whatever. A reputable doctor can definitely run the right tests you need to determine what is happening and why you have so little capacity and why you leak afterward.

    I have had trouble with daytime accidents and bedwetting all my life, have finally figured out that it is a neurological issue. That came during all of the tests done for my serious testicular pain where the urologist determined there was nothing wrong with my bladder that could be seen, but a urodynamics study showed that I still was unable to control my urination properly. I use diapers rather than opt for surgery or other options, but that is a personal choice.

    If you can get away without a NEED for diapers, you may enjoy life better.

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    Dude, i would get cheecked out that shouldn't happen. As a distance runner as well i usually have 4-5 bottles or glasses a day with no problems.

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    The whole going to the doctor thing aside, try holding it for longer periods of time progressively. That should help get your capacity back to normal if your bladder has 'shrunk'. This practice should not cause any accidents if you aren't suffering from urge issues to begin with.

    Are you going after the very first urge or are you holding it until you become desperate?

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