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Thread: Itchy.. mmm...

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    Default Itchy.. mmm...

    Why is it that some men either; scratch or play with their private bits?

    It annoys me. Im a man myself and i never once need to scratch down there but yet there are people i know who constantly scratch all the time.

    They dont even do in in private, they just stick their hands in their pockets or down their trousers and start playing or scratching themselves, sometimes infront of me when im trying to talk to them.

    It actually turns my stomach seeing people do this kind of behaviour.

    So, any ideas? lol


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    As long as they do not whip it out there and then I do not mind people itching playing with themselves however is just rude.

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    Guilty! ...and this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    It gets itchy. It's that simple.

    The only advice I can give you is to take less offense to it. It's not all that big a deal, is it?
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    To be fair, you probably have more germs on the hand than on where you're itching.

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    Sometimes it just feels nice.

    And/or is a welcome distraction.

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    Though I try not to, sometimes, I just have to adjust myself while out in public. Sometimes I just go for it, but I will usually try to find a corner or a wall to stand near to fix it, then return to where I was standing afterward.

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    When you shave it, it can get pretty damn itchy when you miss a shaving!
    It's awesome when people scratch their balls in front of you, you guys are crazy!

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    Yeah, I'm guilty of this too. I don't usually do it in front of anyone though. I try to do it while nobody is looking or when I'm alone. I'm very hairy, and the more hair you have their the itchier it gets. It's just part of being a man...

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    Sometimes it gets really itchy. Especially if you shave. Those short, growing hairs really prick.

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