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    I've been playing maple story lately and just wondering if anyone likes the game as well and wants to meet up to beat up some monsters sometime

    Im on the windia server..
    username is LeftWolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pichu View Post
    I play occasionally but I'm on Bellocan..
    Its always healthy to uhhh....
    start over???
    Ill give you freee stuuffff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Left View Post
    Its always healthy to uhhh....
    start over???
    Ill give you freee stuuffff
    What level are you? I'm not going to restart. Well... maybe..

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    I hack. I'm level 145. Heh heh heh.

    It took me a whole 2 weeks to get there

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    Oh, MapleStory.

    I played that game like, 4 years ago. Many improvements since then, I suppose.

    But I didn't like that game. Seems a little stale after awhile, no offence =[

    My highest was level 36, I think. And after I quit I gave all my assets to a friend. I'm naked now xD

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    I played... I play like once a month or whenever I feel like it now. I go on windia I think.

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    I have played maplestory for all 5 years i got 114 priest 99 i/l Mage 80 Evan 70 Dragon knight all of them on Khaini FTW! i hack to because its so much easier for my priest to train and i bot to.

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