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  • Diapers are only worn (or rare incontinece)

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  • Diapers are worn and sometimes used.

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  • Diapers are usually used.

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  • Diapers are used always for urine.

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  • Diapers are used for both #1 and #2

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Thread: Your Definition of 24/7

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    Question Your Definition of 24/7

    I have heard many people here mention that they wear 24/7. This leads me to wonder how is this defined. Does this mean just always wearing one, but rarely using? Complete diaper use? Somewhere in the middle? After pondering this a while, I concluded that this will mean different things to different people. Therefore, i am curious to know the poll results of how you define wearing diapers 24/7.

    While I have worn diapers for extended time periods, never have I absolutely refused to use a toilet during these times. The last time that I wore for an extended time period was right after knee surgery. For the following month, I think that I was wearing diapers 24/7. The first 4 days was thick diapers and very few trips away from my lounge chair. As my knee felt better, the toilet was used more often. During the last week, I went through very few diapers, but was still wearing 24/7. I never wear diapers to any medical appointments. I had to attend physical therapy three times a week for a few hours at a time. Also, my doctor had me stop by a few times. I never wore diapers to any of these. This is close enough to 24/7 for me. Additionally, #2 always went in the toilet. That is too much work to clean up.

    How do you define 24/7?

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    I don't and don't intend to, but if I were it would personally be used always for urine.

    Although your average person would prob think always #1 and #2

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    As far as my case goes.

    I always use my diapers for wetting. I typically make messes in the potty... but if I have to do it in my diaper I will.

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    24/7 to me means using diapers for both wetting and messing(though I try not to).

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    When I did my very short 24/7 thing...I did #1 and #2...I made sure that when I did #2, that I did it shortly before I was going to take a shower, so cleanup would be slightly easier

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    Well personally if I say "I am going 24/7" that means I am wearing 24/7 and wetting in it all the time, and only messing on extreme circumstances. Like if I have to go really bad and all the public bathrooms near are nasty and I know I will be home with in the next hour or less I would do it. Unless there was lots of people that I personally knew, around me.

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    Technically, 24/7 diaper wearing encompasses all of your options, since the wording does not specify anything about use.

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    Well, I don't mess in mine... just have no desire to do that and then deal with the cleanup. However, if I were to consider myself "24/7" then I'd say exclusive use of the diapers for #1, only not wearing in the shower or if messing in the toilet.

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    For me it would mean #1 only, but wearing all the time. I find #2, well, disgusting to do in a diaper. But, that's just me .

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