i would've liked this to be a product test, but i'm put-off before i even start.
the product:

okay, no brand-names since it'd only end up splattered all over google and not to mention that these are only copies, but i'm assuming we've all seen these?
as pretty as they are, and as eager as i was to get them, an initial attempt to afix them was hopeless and my inspection of them leads me to conclude that they are fundamentally flawed in their design. the way in which the hooks are attached to the rubber bands lends itself to a natural tendancy to pull away from the garment; a slight alteration to this design would have the opposite effect and make for a more secure fixing.

the hooks don't really grab my terry-towelling anyway, so i'm not sure how good a copy of the original these are or whether it was all just b/s in the first place. they seem better at grabbing fleece, so perhaps they're really for the new type fleece nappies.

my hope, on this front, is to do away with pins at night as i've had the odd bad experience and, as i'm now using 'adult' pins and with their extra length, the idea of the extra penetration isn't appealing. i have to say, though, that i've not yet had an unexpected opening or stabbing with the better quality pins (adult or baby), but the memories linger.
maybe i'll make my own. i had that thought, anyway - i wanted to see the type of rubber used; and i've got an idea for better gripping.