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Thread: Curious guy trying to settle in...

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    Default Curious guy trying to settle in...

    Hello everyone.

    If I fit in here or not, ill leave up to you to decide.

    Im just a little shy "normal" guy, that found wetting, pee and similar things interesting and fun. I have had these games for many years now, and they come and go in intensity. Basically my biggest fun is wetting my bed, and peeing myself. I have sometimes used diapers, but I actually prefer latex cloths / sheets more. Easy to clean, but yet not to contained.

    On the normal side I am lots in front of a computer when not at work. Sometimes repair / service them etc and play online games a lot. Guess most of my interests are around that area.

    Found this site through Google and searching for things like this. Found some and was interested in more, and joined.

    Notice most people here are DL or AB/TB, so might not be perfectly aimed at what I am looking at, but its not totally out of my interest.

    Anyways, i guess we will see were it all goes...


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    Welcome to Adisc. How about you tell us more about your "normal" interests.

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