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Thread: Your Perfect Whoever!

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    Default Your Perfect Whoever!

    I'm very interested in hearing the characteristics of everyone's "perfect" or "dream" girl, guy, lifeform, ect. Specifics are always awesome none of that hot-and-wears-diapers bs _-_ SO how would YOU describe your perfect soulmate?

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    Well the same old story, really...

    Physically: My guy should be tall, broad and bigger than me... Image-conscious and yes, since I AM shallow, fairly good-looking - I'm into deep eyes, nice smiles and well-kept hair.

    Emotionally: He needs to be well-grounded; know who he is and what he wants. I'm incredibly attracted to strength and the ability to be responsible, but in a "dream guy", he should ideally be able to be immature enough to make me laugh as well. Social skills, sensitivity and affection also go a long way.

    I guess there's plenty more, but... There's an overview

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    Hmm, interesting topic. Poignant even, considering I just got out of a pseudo-quasi-relationship with a straight guy who I would easily paint as my perfect mate if it weren't for the fact that he was straight and was only in for the sex. Anyways. . . .

    My ideal/perfect mate would be smart. Not like rocket scientist genious, but he's got to have a good head on his shoulders, and be able to give me a run for my money when we play Jeopardy. Definitely a sense of adventure. If he can't fathom the idea of dropping everything at a moments notice to go on some random camping trip or canoe trip, he's not for me. He needs to be able to be spontaneous. Outdoorsy(tenting as opposed to camping in an RV with a/c). And worldly. He needs to love to travel, especially outside of the regular resort type of vacation spots.

    Physically, I don't mind someone taller than me, but not overly. I'm a sucker for facial hair. And dark eyes. But that's all aestetics.

    Oh. . . and he has to know(or be willing to learn) how to dance ballroom and latin.

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    My dream guy is taller than me, fairly strong, but not all muscles.

    He makes me laugh, and is different enough from me to keep me grounded! Together we tread a happy middle ground!

    He is intelligent enough that we can have good debates and strong arguements, but not considerably more or less intelligent than me, cos that would just suck!

    I'm trying not to write the typical 'tall, dark and handsome' but it does apply!

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    Alright, well, I've thought about it, and here is the result:
    A girl with blond or black hair, maybe freckles, and about my size. She doesn't have to be hot, I don't care much about that. I would much rather her be cute then hot. Someone I could cuddle with and just snuggle instead of having teenage fantasies of having sex :P. She would have have to love video games and/or have similar interests. She would also have to love me for who I am (not just TB, other stuff too, in case your wondering :P). Also, it wouldn't be TERRIBLE if she treated me like a baby every once in a while.
    Of course, if she was perfect, it would be a boring relationship... probably :P
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    Well they'd have to be hot and wear diapers....:P

    The perfect girl for me, is kind of a tough question as I'm still not sure what I EXACTLY want xD. But I do like girls that a shorter then me, red hair is my favorite, but I'm really not that picky, someone who isn't dumb as bricks, maybe a little less smarter then me (but not a super important thing as long as they aren't uber stupid), doesn't act/dress like a slut, ummm looks wise, I have to find them cute (Nothing real specific on what does that, just i know when i see xD), I love pretty hair because I'm weird xD. Someone who can take a joke and likes to joke around, and has some similar interests as me. About all I can think of at the moment.

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    Personally, I have a thing for short girls. I also have a thing for girls who are kinda nerdy/smartish. Gotta say, the less makeup, the more attractive. I hate makeup, unless it's used for nothing but a little accentuation. People who look like clowns because they have so much make up on... Ew.

    Guys... guys... hmm. I would have to say, taller than me, anywhere from a few months older than me on, but not too old cause that's just creepy xD. Eh, long hair, kind of effeminate but shares a lot of the same traits as myself. And like everyone else says, it would be killer to find a tbdl.. but I'm happy with the girlfriend I got for now. She's got no idea. I'm probably gonna tell her over time, but not now. In a while.

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    I do my best to keep the list short, so qualities for my perfect girl would be:
    1. She loves me
    2. I Love her
    3. She can take me seriously and laugh at my jokes as I intend and not the other way round...
    It is v. v. important that she can take me seriously when I want to be taken seriously, and as for laughing at my jokes, well if she's going out with me it's only fair she gets some enjoyment out of me....

    "The girl of my dreams, I'm putting on a pedestal, so that I can do nasty nasty things to her..." - Bill Hicks

    and I should have mentioned:
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    Butterfly Mage


    I married the only person I would ever want. He's not perfect, but nether am I. Perfection would likely be boring.

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    I've thought of this a few times.

    She'd be shorter than I am. She'd be weaker than me, but not so fragile that she'll shatter. She would have either blonde or black hair (leaning more towards black, atm), about to her shoulder blades. She would be quiet and introverted in public, but bubbly and outgoing in private. Have few friends (I suck in groups >_>). She'd have tanned skin, but not REALLY tan. She'd have B-cups; never been a fan of huge boobs. I'd like someone thin, but not anorexic. I prefer girls that look cute over girls that look "hot". Sex isn't a big deal to me, but a cute girl always makes me want to cuddle her, and just being able to lie around together and cuddle has always been appealing to me. I'm not saying I could do without sex, but I wouldn't mind taking my time. She would be able to draw and sing. Those two alone can make me just melt x_x. Most importantly, she'd be head-over-heels for me (that nearly ignore makes me not having anything else >_>).

    There's probably a lot more, but I can't think of a way to word it.

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