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    Default Hello my name is Pixal

    I am not new to diapers but I am new to this site. I am a little shy about this sort of thing and not to sure what all to say except that I am 23 and I guess hello. I don't want to bore you with a life story about how I got in to diapers and what not, but if you want to know just ask and I will be more than happy to tell you.

    I am just checking this site out and depending on how I like it I may or may not stay.

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    Ello, welcome to the site! what are some of your hobbies/interests/etc? (not ab/dl related)

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    Hi, Pixal
    Your profile says you weigh 135 lbs. Lucky! Over all this is a very interesting community with some great Mods, meaning things tend to stay out of the trash. I, for one, would like to know the story behind your diaper interest, but also about your other interests and especially cool places you may had traveled to.

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    Thanks for all the welcomes, as far as my interist go as I stated in another thread I am a Game Developer by tradeworking out of my home (wont say for what company just yet), so as you can imagine I like video games though I don't play them as much as you may think. I think I like making them even more than playing them at times. I really love my old NES and SNES games the most I think, hints the name. I also am in biking when ever the weather is nice enough out side. Can't really do it when there is six inches of snow or its 85 - 100 degrees with super high humidity. I am not really in to sports with the exception of Kick Ball, I could play that every day.

    When it comes to music I am all about the 80's but I don't like rap or hip hop. I want hair metal bands and Love balleds and everything inbetween. I also like some stuff fromt he 70s and 90s and some of the stuff out int he 2000 is good. With TV its cartoons, burn notice, ncis, and simmiler stuff like that.

    As far as my diaper story goes it is probably the same as many of you. I remember sitting in my first grade class one time thinking about how a diaper would feel, and making the decision that when I got home from day care that night I was going to ask my mom for some diapers. Well I never did and ended up kind of forgetting about it. I had two opporitunites that could have led to something when I was a kid but never took advatage of them. The first was when I found out that the little brother of one of my friends wet the bed and wore pull ups at night, and than sometime later my friend asked if I wanted to spend the night but I said no. I often think if I had spent the night would that hav eled to something.

    The other time was when I was in sixth grade and we were on a fieldtrip to the zoo in the spring time. towards the end of the trip I felt that I had to go poop but when I tryed I couldn't so I figured I just had to fart. Well as always by the time I got home I really had to go poop so I ran up to my bathroom and I had a surprize waiting for me when I pulled down my pants. The thing is I didn't even remembre doing it and the funny thing is, I was almost going to wear boxers that day but I decided on wearing my fruit of the loom whitie tighties instead, good call on my part I think.

    So thats about it, I didn't get my hands on diapers untill Labor day weekend of 2006 when I had the house to myself for the weekend.

    sorry for being so long

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    There's a few people around here with a more than passing interest in game development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixal View Post
    I am just checking this site out and depending on how I like it I may or may not stay.
    Well, depending on how you answer these questions, I might or might not let you stay

    Nah just joking, I can't not let you stay!

    I do have some questions for you though:

    1. What's your favourite 80's band?
    2. How long is your hair?
    3. Are your earlobes attached at the bottom or your ear or not?
    4. Which character most suits you from a famous film?
    5. How often do you eat bananas?

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    Well lets see the answers to your questions are:

    1) I don't think I have a favorite band but I do like Heart and Night Ranger a lot but I have only heared a few of there more popular songs. I also like the Bangles.

    2) My hair is short right now, it was really shaggy and pretty long to were it didn't look good but I got it cut really short at teh beginning of summer.

    3) They are kind of attached, but the lobe part only gose slightly down.

    4) Not sure about his one, I would say Rick fro Casablanca

    5) Not a lot

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    Haha I guess you passed the test then! Feel free to stick around kiddo Teehee!

    Welcome to the forums!

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