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Thread: Apologies for my recent behaviour

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    Default Apologies for my recent behaviour

    I would just like to post a short message stating:

    "I am sorry to everyone whom I have annoyed lately. I have acted in an immature manner, irritated and angered people, and made their life just that bit more stressful. I issue this apology and reassurance that I am now my old mature self who will take a bit more thought and care in his actions and not open his mouth when it should be closed."

    Once again, I reiterate, my apologies to the people that I have annoyed. I hope that you are able to forgive my atrocious behaviour - it will not happen again I promise.


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    A little overboard, but you are forgiven

    Enough with the crap and be yourself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Wait... what? O_o

    Uh... who are you?
    You mean you missed some 'drama"...? O_o

    See here:

    And here:

    Keep up, son!

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    Oh... that was you. I don't really think of posts outside of their own little meanings. When a user is fairly new, their posts are usually unrelated and don't really show who they are as a person. It takes them to post a lot before you actually start to understand what kind of character they are.

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    Zephiel: Yes, sorry I should have added the words "general announcement." Sorry about that.

    DanDanSuperman, you were the boot up the bum that I needed to get out of the rut. Thanks for that, I've really actually needed that. I am sorry that I managed to get up your nose, however.

    I think I can sort all my problems simply through willpower, motivation, and self-discipline: "thou shalt not moan and wallow in self pity!" being the motto lol. A healthy dose of common sense and some lateral thinking is also required too.

    I am glad that I am forgiven - and I really am sorry for acting like a silly 2 year old. I am 20 years, not 20 months lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by skalboi90 View Post
    I am 20 years, not 20 months lol.
    Though if there were ever a place where it is fine to be either/both, it's here

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