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    Default wants to be a mommy

    First off sorry if I didnt put this into the correct forum (seemed it would be ok) but its really sad/cute.

    My brother's cat Annabelle had her kitten the other night (Lil Skunk) my cat Sally helped her throughout the birthing processand would not leave Annabelle's side. After Lil Skunk was born, Sally made it quite clear that she wanted to continue to help. It became so bad that we had to take the precaution of seperating annabelle and her baby away from everyone else so Sally wouldnt take Lil Skunk and he would be left somewhere w/o anything to eat/drink. Now, Sally can be awfully loud when upset. When she found out that she was being seperated from "her" baby she tweaked out and started meowing at the door. And whenever said door is open she tries to find the baby especially when her cries. Boom! She's right at his side to see what's wrong. Its really sweet but also quite sad seeing as how Sally is scheduled to be fixed in a few short weeks :'(. She will never be a real mommy!

    Well, i just felt like sharing and if u would like to comment or what have you. Please feel free to do so.

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    N'awww Thats Cute! :3

    hopefully Sally doesn't get too carried away! :P


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    we've decided to let her be "mommy" when Lil skunk can eat on his own ;3

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    :3 awwwwwwww!! That's a cute story. I feel bad for sally at the same time though.

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    i know right?! I feel really bad too! It kinda makes me cry :'(

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