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    I have just discovered and registered here. I am autistic (Asperger Syndrome), and study chemistry as a postgraduate student in the UK.

    I have always had some problems with incontinence, since due to sensory problems (that are common in autistics) I have problems telling if my bladder is full, especially if I am concentrating on something. This used to lead to smaller accidents (where I would just notice that I had to go, when I started loosing urine), and during stressful times to major ones (where I would just suddenly notice my wet pants).

    In the past, I have only worn diapers during thos more stressful times in my life, but in March this year, I started wearing diapers, to see how much stress reduction it would bring during 'normal' times. The stress reduction was tremendous.

    After a bit of thinking, I decided that, even given the risk that I could eventually lose bladder control, the stress reduction was worth wearing diapers 24/7. I have been wearing diapers ever since. Well, me being a DL before that, might have been a reason for this 'overkill'-Solution.

    Another advantage, that I did not even consider when making that decision is that I can now drink enough without risking wet clothes. So I managed to slip out of the constant mild dehydration that was just 'normal' for me before.

    I am waering Abena X-Plus whenever I stay home for some time, and Abena Super while I am at the University or otherwise out. I am currently testing Tena Maxi as an alternative to the Abena Super, since they seem to have more capacity, without bein as conspicuous as the Abena X-Plus.

    When I started wearing full time, I stopped being weary to make sure I kept my pants dry. This has resulted in a lot less stress (which was my goal). I did not stop the flow anymore, when I noticed that I was wetting, and just let it happen. The 'wetting accidents' got considerably more frequent, and by April I often only noticed that I was wetting, when I was in the middle of it. Right now, I sometimes even wet without noticing at all.

    Since I accepted the possibility that I would lose bladder control, this has not been a scary experience, but instead an iteresting one. Loss of bladder control was not my goal, but a possible 'side effect'.

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    Welcome to adisc! Chemistry is damn hard, you must be very smart. Enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome to the site DA, feel free to look around and post, please remeber that it's ok to ask questions and everyone on here is really friendly so no worries.

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    Welcome to the forum! I have a brother who was recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome late in high school. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you known you had Asperger Syndrome? Sorry if i'm prying a bit.

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    Welcome to the site.

    There are a couple others here with AS so you certainly aren't the only one (hint! )

    Good luck with the chemistry, hope you enjoy it.

    And last but not least: don't be too shy to post, we don't bite (hard :P)


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    Welcome to adisc. Hope you have a good time. Makes sure to check out the wiki ,and blogs; both have links in the top left corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TallestBabyEver View Post
    Welcome to the forum! I have a brother who was recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome late in high school. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you known you had Asperger Syndrome? Sorry if i'm prying a bit.
    I was diagnosed on the 19.04.2007, but I was quite sure even a few months before that.

    But I have always known that I am different... ...I just did not have a name for it...

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    Hey! Welcome to the site! Glad you have been able to use your liking of diapers to your advantage. They are sure great to have in those stressful situations where you are afraid you might leak.

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    OMG. I was diagnosed with it my junior year and they said I had it all my life. No one knew. I'm real good with computers and hey Bill Gates had it to lol. Welcome to the forums.

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    I, too, have AS (I don't feel like spelling it...even though I am writing this sentence to explain that I don't want to spell it, even though I could have just spelled it and saved a bunch of time), and I am going to be taking Chem. next year in high school...I am so screwed (Something to b**** about later...).

    I don't have any sensory problems, in fact I have an extremely strong bladder (hold for 8+ hours while awake and active). A book that has helped me understand myself greatly: All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome by Kelly Hoopman.

    Barnes & - Books: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, by Kathy Hoopmann, Hardcover

    • Publisher: Kingsley, Jessica Publishers
    • Pub. Date: November 2006
    • ISBN-13: 9781843104810
    • Sales Rank: 5,564
    • Age Range: 8 to 12
    • 65pp

    Definitely for anyone who wants to learn more about Autism (or is hungry for kittens...)

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