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Thread: Kids games for the Mega Drive/Genesis?

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    Default Kids games for the Mega Drive/Genesis?

    Any that you remember playing when you were younger? The only one that sticks in my mind is The Lion King ... and Sonic of course.

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    I love the Sonic games.

    I never had a Genesis as a kid, I was a Nintendo fan (& I still am) & had an SNES. I bought a Genesis long after it was officially a "dead" system.

    I have all three Sonics for the Genesis, & they're all classics. I have Lion King as well, but it's just okay.

    Along w/ the Sonic games, Zombies Ate My Neighbors is my favorite of my Genesis games (although I also have it for SNES now).
    Castlevania Bloodlines is another classic Genesis game, & so is Ecco the Dolphin.

    What I never liked with Genesis, was its lack of RPGs (my favorite genre of videogames); the only RPG I have for Genesis is Beyond Oasis.

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    There's a really really awesome looney toons game.

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    Oh my, the Lion King was such a fun game! I don't think I ever beat it but I sure got a lot farther than my brothers did.

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    I had Crystal's Pony Tale and Toy Story; not too many of the other games we had were really kiddish.

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