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    Default Greetings ADISC!

    Vassenato here, (known as Joshua in RL). I'm 16 and consider myself an TB and DL. I first started to discover that I had an interest in diapers at around age 6. I started to steal diapers from my cousin (who was living with me at the time) I kept doing this for about a month or so, until I got found out. My father confronted me on the situation, he threatened me by saying he would check me into a hospital where I would be put in diapers, treated like a baby and everyone would come and see me. (I know it sounds kinda ridiculous, but it really happened. My father made a lot of empty threats in my childhood.) Being only six years old, this threat scared me greatly. So I stopped stealing and wearing diapers for about two years or so just out of fear. But then the urges to wear diapers again surfaced and I began to steal diapers from my cousin again. Then the same thing as before happened, I got caught again, screamed at and threatened. I stopped wearing diapers for a few year, until about age 13 when my sister was born. I began stealing diapers from her and was caught and reprimanded several times.(Vicious cycle, Huh?) The end result of the was my parents hiding her diapers. But my urges still were their. I eventually gathered up the courage to buy my own diapers, I bought a pack of Depends adjustable underwear and loved it. My non-TB/DL interest consist of Pen Spinning, Rock Climbing and Computers.

    Phew, that was some post Anyway, thanks for having me here at ADISC and I will see y'all around in the rest of the forums.

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    Hi! Welcome to ADISC!
    Well, we're around the same age. You're older than me by....3 years ^_^
    Wow, you seem to have some rough parents [no offence]
    but they DO mean well. Do they accept you being a TBDL? If they do, great! You can buy diapers on your own. They seem to be really unhappy about you stealing diapers from your cousin/sister. If they don't like your fetish, you can secretly get them. There are many tips on the wiki. Go check it out!

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    Thanks for the greeting crobat.

    Yeah, I grew up with some pretty rough parents. But it's something I have to live with. They now accept my fetish, and I have no problems buying my own diapers. I left a lot out of my story, just on the fact that I'm really not in the mood to be typing out a novel XD

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    That's great! As for me, I've not worked up the courage to tell my parents. They are great people, but still...

    ADISC is a great community. I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Welcome to the site! hope you enjoy your time on here, should be able to find plenty of computer talk. Never heard of anyone doing pen spinning :O

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    Welcome to the site vassenato. Mad pen spinning skillz!

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    Welcome to the site. So your parents know now, how did you tell them? I told my parents when I was 20 because I had been really depressed the past summer and just sick of hiding this interest in diapers without trying some.

    The other thing that confused me is you said you stole diapers from your cousin when you were six, then after getting caught, waited two years before taking them from your cousin again. How much younger is your cousin? Did your cousin potty train at a late age? If your cousin was big enough to wear diapers that fit you at age 6, it would seem most times the kid would be potty trained within 2 years.
    Not saying I don't believe you, just unsure what you meant.

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    Thanks to everybody for the welcoming.

    @Dark Bringer

    The last time of being confronted about stealing diapers I just got sick of hiding it, so I told them. While they were very upset about me stealing my sisters diapers, they accepted my fetish for what it is.

    As for your other question. I really don't remember much at that age, I have a lot of repressed memories of my childhood for various reasons. So most of it is quite a blur, I just wrote a rough summary to the best of my ability. It is worth mentioning that I was a pretty small six year old.

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