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Thread: Sleep Comforts <3

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    Default Sleep Comforts <3

    this new generic brand of pullup from cvs called sleep comforts
    I LOVE THEM! theyre everything a TB could ask for!

    P.S. new to the forums, would love to meet people

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    Could you give a link show a picture just curious.

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    A link to the CVS product page

    I found it a bit embarrassing that nobody proof-checked their warning page "Choking may resutl from anything hcildren put into their mouths."

    I can't seem to find individual pictures though, still searching

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    So what's so great about them? Are they bigger than goodnites? What do they look like?

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    i must know the full review of these. There can be no other option!

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    i agree with Pichu!
    make a review and take pics of the diaper! sounds like a great diaper!

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    Well I like the package, I wouldn't mind carrying those to the regester to buy, but they wouldn't fit me so no reason to buy them. I am assuming that they are plain white.

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    yessss they are all white and thats why i like them so much, it reminds me of a plain diaper! and because iim new to the forums your gonna have to explain to me what a "full review" is :P thanks for the response guyss

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