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Thread: What Book are you currently Reading?

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    Default What Book are you currently Reading?

    Alright so this thread has been done before but they all are closed so I figured we could give it another go, what are you currently reading and do you like it and why?

    Im currently reading Terence McKenna's book Food For The Gods, its a great and faschinating book about human consciousness and how we developed it, the idea is that it started with monkeys in Africa started to experiment eating new food, and finaly they started to eat Psilocybin Mushrooms which made the mind explode and that was the beginning on how we are today. Now that might just sound like some hippy talking smack but he Terence really makes it convincing and I must say I believe he could actually be right! I recommend it to everyone here who is into reading about human consciousness, if you like e.g. The Doors of Perception you will love this book!

    and Im listening to the audiobook of the sixth novel in the Sookie Stackhouse serie Definitly Dead, I must say I do not find it as good as the other books in the serie I have listened to sofar, my favorite book has to be probably book number 2,4 and 5! Especially book number 4 where (Spoiler ahead for you who havent read them or watch True Blood!

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    FYI, series is the singular. It always has an 's'.

    I'm currently reading Ambler Alert. It seems really predictable, though. :/

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    i am trying to read Artemis Fowl :The atlantis Complex but am finding it hard to get into since it's about saving the earth from global warming, and I don't believe in global warming. Granted Artemis Fowl is set in a world exactly like ours where faeries, trolls, etc exist. It's just that I read books like this to get away from the political/world issues. Seriously, I don't like my books being tainted by political/social issues unless their something like Apt Pupil.

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    I'm (re-)reading a Nero Wolfe murder mystery (part of a long series) "The Second Confession." I like the series, but haven't read this one for probably close to 10 years. Rex Stout did a very good job with this series.

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    I'm reading Undersea Prison by Duncan Falconer and Corsair by Clive Cussler & Jack Du Brul at the moment. Corsair is alright, though Cussler's writing style is getting kinda old for me. Undersea Prison is pretty awesome, it's about an... undersea prison.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Granted Artemis Fowl is set in a world exactly like ours where faeries, trolls, etc exist.
    Oh, trolls exist in this world, alright.

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    Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

    If anyone ever confuses the liberation of a people with imperialism, tell them to read this book. You'll also see just how far humans are willing to go for the sake of making money. Its distressing to read history like this.

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    I'm on book two of the Night Angel Trilogy atm. it's amazing @[email protected]

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    I'm reading Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons", and it's a real page turner. The premise revolves around the murder of a particle physicist who can prove the existence of God. I believe Brown actually wrote this book three years before The DaVinci Code. Before that, he and his wife wrote travelogues. I'll bet he's making a lot more money now!

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    I'm reading "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. Its pretty good so far. Takes place in biblical times and its all about Jacob's daughter telling the story of all the wives during this time.

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