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Thread: Uk nappy/ diaper recycling plant

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    Default Uk nappy/ diaper recycling plant

    It would be nice to have a constructive meaningful debate on this one. From what i can understand the uk is about to build a nappy/diaper recycling plant somewhere near Birmingham. Whether reusable or disposable nappies/ diapers are used, each system will impact on the enviroment one way or another. Disposable nappies/diapers use trees to make wood pulp, these in turn act to help absorb carbon dioxide. Plastic is required which is derived from oil, a finite raw material & is becoming increasingly difficult to tap. Most reusable nappies/diapers are made from cotton, a renewable raw material but there are enviromental & ethical issues associated with cotton production, with the use of pestisides being a major cause of concern. It would also be important to know that the cotton used in the production for your nappies/diapers for your own peace of mind is grown in a responsible way. Both systems use energy & water in their production, as do the washing of reusable nappies/diapers which require detergent to get them clean. Recycling nappies /diapers to reclaim constituent parts so they can be re used i think is a good thing, but again energy & water would be required to carry out this operation. From my own view point whilst i would like to see nappies/ diapers recycled there would have to be a net gain or there would be little point in recycling. To me it almost seems like a catch 22situation where neitherside wins, the nappies/ diapers would have to be collected & transported,etc again more energy required the list goes on. It would be good to here your comments, what do you folks think? ( i will just add that whilst writing this post i am wearing a disposable, but i am wearing alot more reusables now to try & reduce my Nappy/diaper footprint if that is possible to achieve given the above.

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    Hmm, not easy i guess. Personally i think it's good, even though it requires more energy to recycle them like the process they use, and the transporting of them, the fact that they aren't going to land fills and filling them up is a positive.

    I don't really know much about this stuff, but i guess landfills will soon fill up, and there will be nothing we can do about it. But the problems from the process of recycling can be fixed so to speak? I don't know I'm struggling to put my thoughts into words :P

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    Is filling up the landfill actually an issue in the UK? I have heard that when an eco type person says that in North America they are full of shit but Europe is a lot smaller and more populated.

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    I'm really not sure what actually has less impact on the environment for people who wear all the time, namely IC and actual babies. To the best of my knowledge there has not been a real extensive study on this, if somebody knows otherwise please let me know as I'd love to see it.

    For those of us who wear diapers by choice, or even those who only wear a few diapers a week (such as those who only wear at night for bed wetting), I think the greener solution is more clear. I know if I had cloth diapers (and I plan on buying some), they would cause no new impact on my energy/water/chemical usage. Let me clarify; because I average one diaper or so a day, they would all be washable every week in my regular loads of laundry which I'm doing anyway. Thus there is no net increase in use of energy, water, detergent and a satisfactory increase in diapers for me to use as I please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    Is filling up the landfill actually an issue in the UK? I have heard that when an eco type person says that in North America they are full of shit but Europe is a lot smaller and more populated.
    Yes landfill sites are a problem in the u.k but things are changing pretty fast towards recycling. (after 20 years of knowing about the problem but not doing anything!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan
    Is filling up the landfill actually an issue in the UK?
    yep, but not really as an eco issue: local authorities are financially penalised, by central government, for the amount of waste they send to landfill (this being a result of some EU/franco-germanic-imperialist/post-war-euro-nazist initiative and our norman-french/thinglish rulers pandering to them....not that i'm biased :P ).
    i'm not sure how bothered i am about the issue, to be honest. i mean, as mentioned, the catch-22 of the energy-quotients involved, extend to all other aspects of the environmental issue and even the idea that the planet is simply over-populated has it's catch-22 in the equation for, while there may be many more people than ever before, they are carbon-based entities.
    and it also depends upon which time-scale you're considering; i often consider things on a geological time-scale, so i'm not overly bothered by our little blip on the carbon-cycle graph.

    i wear both types of diaper, btw.

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