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Thread: Diapers pros. cons.

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    Default Diapers pros. cons.

    I know that every diaper is better than no diaper but some you would rather have here are a few and I would like you respond with whether you heard your info somewhere or Know from personal i think it will help the community pick there thier diapers so they dont go throught what maybe we went through And I know this is like the post whats your favorite.... worst diaper but this is more organized alright enough text heres the types
    *Pampers (any kind but please list the kind)
    *Huggies (any kind but please list the kind)
    *Goodnites (also huggies)
    *And any other brands

    Also list whether you are incontinent
    and whether you are male female and if the diaper is a male female diaper Thx.

    And please dont troll or hate Thx again.

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    Bambino has three varieties. Bianco, Classico, and Teddy.

    All three: high percentage of SAP to pulp means heavy swelling when wet but slow wicking so intolerant of floods. extremely well contoured fit. medium crinkle factor. Some of the thickest padding available. Will bunch up when active, but not badly. no liquid acquisition layer. Two tapes per side. Front has tape landing pad that makes retaping very easy and reliable. Sizes run about as expected. Good elastic leg gathers and comfortable leak guards. Real elastic on the top front AND back. They don't seem to have anything to neutralize odor once used, but do have a very mild scent when fresh. As such, they are not discrete when used in public, due to swelling and odor. (not a good daytime diaper for IC)

    Classico: baby pattern across front tape (colored alphabet blocks spelling "BABY") Available in medium, large, and extra large. small size has been discontinued.

    Bianco: no pattern at all on front (except for the ends of the tapes, the entire diaper is white) Available in medium, large, and extra large. small size has been discontinued.

    Teddy: different baby pattern (cute diapered teddybear babies playing), slightly different texture tape landing area. tapes have second-chance tape. tapes are stretchy, and have a learning curve to get right without tearing. because of the stretch tapes, teddies fit looser and cannot be brought heavily snugged, though this does not affect leap protection. Currently an introductory/test run, only available in medium, with plans to offer large in August.

    Bambino diapers are unisex, and have roughly the same thickness of padding throughout the padded area. The front and especially the back of the diaper have an unusually wide and high extension of padding for large capacity wetting while on your back.

    Bambino caters specifically to AB/DL and has very discrete shipping and billing but does not ship internationally. As an AB/DL product, they are not available in stores and must be ordered online. They are at the high end on price, but their very high capacity may mean lower monthly diaper bills. Low cost samples are available. Customer service is excellent.

    Urine capacity (large) without leaking can exceed 2L with the use of their branded boosters.

    I am male, DL, not IC.

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    There is a large collection of diaper reviews in the wiki, and in the articles system. And, there are many many posts on just about every type of diaper you can think of. So why don't you read that, instead of putting it all back here?

    Oh, and you still haven't posted an intro.

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    not incontinent
    37" waist

    *Pampers (any kind but please list the kind)
    *Huggies (any kind but please list the kind)
    Way too small to actually wear without extending the sides. But they are very absorbent for their size and make great stuffers if you cut off the side and slash the backs

    *Goodnites (also huggies)
    If you can fit these they are OK diapers. For a guy your penis position is very important to prevent leaks. They are made for kids with small bladders so they are not great in terms of absorbency but swell up nicely. Some people really enjoy pooping in these because there is not a lot of room and it squashes.

    *Pull Ups
    Even less absorbent and smaller than Goodnites. The cool alert can be fun if you use them as a stuffer.

    Very soft and more absorbant than Goodnites. But they are smaller and the sides don't hold up well.

    These get bad reviews but are a decent diaper. They are available everywhere and are still plastic backed and have leakguards. Not a very absorbant diaper but they fit well and can be good with stuffers. They don't have a small size anymore so if you are small they will be huge on you.

    I am referring to the tape on variety that is somewhat readily available in Canada.
    Cloth like backing and hook and loop fasteners, fit well and stay pretty snug compared to to similar diapers. They are a mid level diaper and absorb a few wettings.

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    That's what I wear, in order from most to least liked. I wear diapers intended for my gender except when the brand is all unisex. Since I'm female, I don't know how much my opinions are going to matter given our obvious physical differences. I mean no offense; I'm only stating fact.

    I am a 5'11" or 6' (measurements depending on different medical centers, it seems) postpartum slender woman in perimenopause whose waist does weird things to her, and I am stress incontinent.
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    ===I know we have section on the wiki for this, but I was never granted access to add to the articles.

    Not inco, but have IBS

    I have used...

    Depends Max Protection: Good off the shelf store diaper. Tapes acutally stick better than most high end brands(weird I know). When you first put them on they are feel really thin. After a few wettings they tend to swell quite a bit. The last time I used them they had only the SAP gel, which cut down on bulk. They are not contoured very well.

    Depends Adjustable Underwear- They go on like pullups. Only the absorbent areas are padded with SAP gel. They are cloth-like with velcro style tabs that can be used for a better fit. The sides are perforated and can be removed just like a regular diaper. They have a waistband and it fits very snug. They swell nicely but are only good for about 2 wettings. In 2008, if you looked closely at the diaper, they actually had faint off white stars all over if KimberlyClark CO scaled up an old goodnites design.

    Bambino Classico- Thick, and they absorb massive floods. I did the shower test, and the thing swelled so freaking huge... The crinkle is nice, tapes are alright and if sized well, you get a pretty good fit. The front tape panel actually says "bambino" on it....which you cant really see on the website.

    Bambino Bianco- Same as classico minus the print. Exactly the same in every way to classico. Tip....if you order a case of either Bianco or Classico, you can tell them in the "special instructions box" to do a whats called a "Mixed Case"...which of course they send you 24 bianco and 24 classico for the price of 1 normal case.

    Dry24/7--- I used these when they first came out in 08'...then were as thick as bambinos.....with a sort of softer plastic cover. The fit was well.... to be desired, as you only got one chance to put the tapes on. If you went for a second shot a getting the tapes right, they either ripped the plastic or wouldn't stick when reapplied. The old versions swelled just like bambinos, but clumped horribly. There was also a "3d core leak-lock system" which only was applied to the middle of the diaper. If you wet this area you were good...if not, the other areas would not transfer liquid to this area. The new versions seemed to have fixed this, but alas they are now $30 more expensive even without shipping. Originally I bought 3 cases for 216 diaper total, which cost $225 with free shipping. Now a case of just 72 costs $108 with no free shipping.

    Wings Classic- Typical hospital diaper, funny because they acutally felt the most babyish of the non bambino brands. Mine were blue, and only had the cottonlike pulp as a stuffer. One wetting was sufficient to cause a leak, but since they were so cheap, it wasn't a cost issue. I think I paid 35 buck for around 70 diapers?

    Whitecloud/Parents Choice- This is the default baby diaper brand that Sams Club and Costco sell. They are almost identical in every way. The company doesn't have a website but they are marketed as "generic" diapers apart from Huggies/Pampers/Luvs. They look similar to pampers baby dry with the green clothlike designs, minus elmo. I used size 5 as a stuffer, and did the "connect 2 to make a bigger diaper." Both uses proved that the diaper worked very well. These were not scented.

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