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Thread: dry 24/7s leaking issue, help please?

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    Default dry 24/7s leaking issue, help please?

    I got the s/m sample pack, and fit both of them, but liked that HUGE feeling that the mediums gave me when wet. The problem I had with both of them though was leaking when sitting, specifically out of the legs. In both cases they were tight enough to leave marks, not as tight as I keep my Bambinos which don't seem to have that problem, and it wasn't from flooding, I don't think. It might just be how they react to approaching capacity (which is an amazing capacity )

    Anyone else?


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    did you maybe just outwet their capacity? and remember if you do all your wetting while sitting, the rear of the diaper never sees any 'action' and can't assist with absorption. Maybe try wetting on your back? I wet mine on my back almost entirely, and was surprised at how much it wicked forward to the front of the diaper. But when I got up in the morning, the rear was wet to less than an inch of the end of the padding, but so was the front.

    In theory if the leg cuffs are leaving marks, you should have a watertight seal. Must have slacked or gapped at some point. In the back where the bottom of the cheeks meet the elastic is the most challenging spot, it's not a very curved surface and is where the elastic is going to be the loosest.

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