As part of an effort to improve the quality of posts, and decrease the amount of HNGs visiting the forum, I'm making some changes today:

  1. Members no longer be demoted to "lurker" if they don't post within their first two weeks of membership. This should greatly decrease the number of people making low-quality posts just to avoid becoming a lurker.
  2. Newbies no longer need two neutral reps before they can be given a negative rep. This should enable newbies who post unwelcome content to be quickly alerted to this.
  3. Members are now encouraged to call out liars, fakers or creeps in a mature and/or funny way. This should be done with a reason, and in a way that is not grossly offensive to the person being called out. If things get too rough, moderators will intervene and close/delete as needed, but we won't be banning / negrepping excessively.

Around the time of October 1st, I'll review how these changes are working for us. I may extend them or not, depending on how effective they are at improving ADISC, and, for #2 and #3, how responsible people are with using them.

In addition, between now and September 12, I will be running two threads in Admin Stuff:

  1. Rep System Feedback: Anyone wishing to suggest improvements to the rep system, please post them here. I know the rep system is not perfect, and I already have plans for three specific, substantial changes I want to make to the system. Still, I know there's probably more that can be done to improve it, and I want to hear your thoughts on what those changes should be.
  2. Rules & Misc Feedback: Anyone wishing to suggest new rules for the site, modifications to existing rules, or other significant but non-rep-related changes may do so here. I have one specific rule addition (a "use reasonable English" rule), and one specific rule removal (the "no memes" rule) in mind, but I'm far more interested in what you all have to say.

On September 12th, I'll be closing these threads and digesting this feedback.