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    Okay, I took this quote from another thread, and rather than stray from the topic at hand there, I figured I would bring it to the off topic section.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
    Toy Story 3 = Awesome! Aussiebuoy Cried when i went to go see it with him :P
    WHAT THE HELL?! Both of my sisters (are hardcore BAMF chicks, one is former military [opted out when she got pregnant with my nephew], and the other currently serves) cried at this movie. I know one would think "Girls crying at a movie? Stop the presses", but I assure you, these aren't girls that cry, EVER.

    I am NOT going to watch this movie. EVER.

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    From "Who would you turn gay for"

    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    This may sound weird, but you know Terminator 2, I thought that Linda Hamilton (Hamilton) was super sexy in that movie, she enforces the Triple B rule of movies for guys (Badass, Bullets & Boobies!) She is the only person ever and only during that one movie. Strange eh
    LoL I am really worried that given what you said someone will misinterpret this, but here goes;

    When I was a kid, I used to wish Sarah Connor was my mom, and that I lived that life. What does that say about my childhood that I thought THAT life (always on the run with killer cyborgs from the future constantly dogging us) would have been a step up from what I had.

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    At first I was confused, but then I read it again, and now I'm not!

    Don't worry about making a thread go slightly off-topic. Think of them as conversations among whoever wants to join in - including you! It'd be better to reply in those threads than to make a new one just to reply (because in this thread, what we'd be talking about is your responses to someone else's thread - confusing).

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    Good point. LoL in my several days of sleeping one to three hours every 24 mind set, it seemed like a good idea. LOL

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