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    The clock is ticking. If you still have your youth by all means enjoy it, be young have fun. Look at the beautiful young people, they almost glow with their promise and their purity go, join them, play. Watch out though, there is a man over across the way. He seems to be looking at those teens he must be up to no good, just be careful is all Im saying.

    Tick tock. Every day stronger then the day before, every day faster. It seems there is nothing you can not do. The man is there though, around the corner. Big old man. Seedy looking. Not fresh and clean like us, like the people on tv. Does he frighten you? Put him out of your mind go home, immerse yourself in all things young and innocent: Put on a diaper, Put on a dress.

    In the end, your flesh betrays you. Your voice, deep and raspy in the morning. Your face, rough and shadowed in the night. Clear your throat, shave, comb just a little of that hair from the side up just a bit, to even it out. The children seem afraid, they have been tought to fear adults.

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    Butterfly Mage


    That's a bit morbid. I'm a pretty happy middle-aged person and I can't say that I've ever been looked upon by a child or teenager in fear (some teens do scare me, since I work in criminal justice and I know what the scary ones have done). I really was able to adapt to getting 5 o'clock shadow. My hair has more gray, but it started turning gray at age 18.

    I have done a good job staying healthy. I exercise 3-4 times each week, so I weigh only a little more than I did in college.

    There are some perks to middle age. By this time in my life, I have had enough life-experience that I can work a job that I enjoy that also suits my capabilities. When I was a teen, my job options involved French fries, a broom, or a cash register. At this time in my life, I have a firmly established credit score so that I was able to buy a house and a car. I am old enough to have a leadership position in my coven. I am old enough that I don't need anyone's permission to plan a cruise, buy my clothes, purchase a computer, etc. I'm old enough to get married to my partner (which I did) and know that both of us are mature enough to handle those responsibilities.

    Life is what you make of it. There are lessons and blessings to every stage of life -- from childhood to elderhood. And, if you follow a religion that believes in reincarnation, the lifecwe are given starts anew after we die.

    There's no need to worry about the road ahead. You are the captain of your soul. Live every day and you'll have no regrets about getting older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unbeliever View Post
    The clock is ticking.........
    Would like to see more of your writing.
    I'm a pretty happy middle-aged person, too.

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    Interesting. I don't know if this is a poem or what, but I enjoyed reading it.

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