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Thread: When & How?

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    Question When & How?

    When did you get into being a BF/DF and how? :3

    I got into it about two years ago. I started having thoughts of wearing diapers and it got progressively worse (Better? xD) but I'm only now getting into the community part of it. I have yet to actually act upon it though. ._.


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    People forced me to be one... seriously. I can show you threads of it.

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    I actually got into the whole furry thing when I started watching fursuiting videos on youtube and saw how much fun it can be to make people laugh and smile simply by putting on an anthropomorphic animal costume and go out and have a good time. I started thinking about making a fursona but wasn't sure what species to go with. Of course none of the fursuits got my attention quite like the wolf and husky suits so I made myself a wolf named Pawlf. Coming up with the name wasn't easy for me either. I took the words Paw and Wolf and combined them and came up with a definition of the word in my story (which is in the Stories In Progress sub forum).

    I often wish I as a kid again and creating Pawlf has allowed me to experience that time of innocence (and occasionally getting into trouble). Pawlf is of toddler age since I am also a DL and I wanted Pawlf to be in diapers. Creating and making Pawlf come alive has made me a much happier and positive person. I really enjoy being a furry even though I don't own any tails or ears yet. Sometime within the next couple years I will finally get my fur suit which will be a brown wolf with a bit of red on his ears like in my avatar. Although while I am in the suit I can't act as my fursona because it would surely ruin the suit.

    I been into it for a couple months now.

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    The babyfur side of me I've actually just recently adapted. But I have been a dl since I was 12 years old. Grade 6 was when I first started having feelings towards diapers and then around 14 is when I started to have feelings of being a kid again.

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    it started ages ago when i liked to pretend to ba an animal for whole days at at time, lol, i was about 11,

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    Quote Originally Posted by SushiChan View Post
    it started ages ago when i liked to pretend to ba an animal for whole days at at time, lol, i was about 11,
    But when did the diaper stuff really start? xD

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    umm, before that. XD i thnik i used to watch commercials of diapers and be transfixed. i didnt know better :P

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    I didn't even know about babyfurs until about two years ago. But once I learned about them I thought they were kind of cool. I was already into diapers and stuff and didn't know it was a fetish until after I learned about furries and all. So I figured I wanted to try it out, though I haven't completely finished a fursona yet. :P

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    Until a while ago, I didn't really even like furries. Still makes me feel a bit uneasy, but hey, I'm getting used to it.
    I only became a babyfur recently, due to a certain someone basically just making me one :P

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    i have been *b for as long as i can remember. i discovered furries last year by watching you tube poops, lol.

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