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Thread: shipping on diapersites

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    Question shipping on diapersites

    i finally got a mailbox set up at a ups store and want to order some good diapers not the crap depends i usually get whats the average ship time from


    can someone please help the mailbox is expensive so id like to know before and which to order from so i know when to activate my mailbox

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    thanks for the reply that sucsk i wish it was faster

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    It depends on where you live, really. Bambino and XP Medical both ship from California if I remember correctly, and AB Universe ships from Washington state. I live in Washington, and found that it took about 3 days from Bambino and XP Medical, whereas it was 2 days for ABU. I'm assuming that you live in California, as there is no other Anaheim that comes to mind, so it would probably take 1 to 2 business days for Bambino or XP Medical to ship to you.

    Edit: Just as a warning if you were planning on buying from ABU; they've have a pretty bad service record for quite some time. People are saying that they're improving on that front, though. I personally didn't have a problem with them, but preferential treatment to customers close by has been suggested by some.
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    thank you you just made my day way better yes it is CA so it should be relatively fast

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    California always seems to be where alot of diapers are shipped from. If you live there, than its way quicker receiving packages.

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    thanks for the replies everybody theve been a real help

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    I have ordered from all three. Here are my experiences:

    XP Medical - Arrived in two days flat. I live in California, so it only ships from a little up north. Highly recommended! They ship discreetly. Moderately priced.

    Bambino - Took about four days to reach me. I believe these ship from the Bay Area. Also very discreet. Priced a little higher, but worth the quality! Love these.

    ABU - Shipping time greatly varies! My first order took an entire month. My second took about a week. It all depends on stock, product, and raw luck.

    Hope this helps, man!

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    ok very cool for XP med what shows on the credit bill??

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    Quote Originally Posted by pampersonly View Post
    ok very cool for XP med what shows on the credit bill??
    I don't recall exactly, but it might appear as XP Enterprises, LLC. I know for a fact that Bambino shows up as The Bottom Half Group, both in shipping and on your statement. Bambino is probably the safest in terms of concealability.

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