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Thread: Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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    Default Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    So I am a massive Rocky Horror Picture Show fan and was wondering what other people here think about it. Possibly find some other Rocky-ites as I like to call them out there. I am going to another midnight showing and was wondering if anyone here had any golden callback lines I could borrow from them.

    For those of you out there who don't know what this movie is or what it is about (I wanna know which rock you have been living under, just kidding!) RHPS is a 1975 film version of a stage musical called the Rocky Horror Show, the film stars Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and MEATLOAF! It is really awesome and has some really great musical numbers! I don't really wanna give away the plot though, so if you must, wiki it.

    What is a callback?
    A callback is a line that an audience member yells at the screen during the film, they are usually quite vulgar though, so a fairly clean example would be Claude Rains was the invisible man BUT HE DIDN'T SHOW UP!

    So if you have a great callback, want to know more etc reply to the thread!

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    I've seen the movie, thought it was so so. But then, I saw it on Comedy Central. There is apparently a group that stages a live performance of it in Norfolk, I *really* want to go to that.

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    Are you talking about a shadowcast? Where people act it out on stage in sync with the film playing in the background? It is worth it, I've seen a couple for Repo! The Genetic Opera and it is an awesome experience.

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    This is a favorite movie of mine, I don't have any original call-back lines though I stick to the normal ones.

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    I was a kid when my youngest Aunt Betsy saw the Los Angeles production of Rocky Horror Show on stage on The Sunset Strip. Only a few years later the movie with Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf came out. Bless Aunt Betsy because she took me to see it at a theater in Hollywood. See, that is why Betsy is my favorite Aunt.

    The Midnight showings of RHPS were famous in the fall of 1981 when I started university. A movie theater close to campus that had once been a vaudeville palace with a real stage ran it on both Friday and Saturday. My roommate brought her "Magenta" costume with her. She had been a regular while in high school in Westchester County. The deal was tickets were free to people who wore their costumes and acted out in the shadow performance regularly. I had so much fun that I put together a decent "Janet" outfit. That theater had 2 casts, so during the week we would phone in to find out which night we would perform.

    After I married Don, who already owned a lovely home in Pasadena, I was delighted that the historic Rialto Theater in South Pasadena did the Saturday Midnight RHPS shadow show, complete with water pistols and flying toast. Since I never knew my schedule, I only sat in the audience at the Rialto, but I did always wear my Janet outfit. Alas, a few years ago the Rialto shut down because the cost of bringing it up to 2008 safety code was too expensive. Fortunately I have the DVD.

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    A big fan though I only watch it on my home theater and keep my fav songs on my mp3. I'm going home!
    Have you seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch?

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    Here in Pittsburgh, we have a dedicated Rocky Horror Shadow Cast called the Junior Chamber of Commerce Players. I enjoy their show and the audience participation. I went at least once a month when The Hollywood, the theater they performed at was open, but the owner of The Hollywood came to the conclusion that it was not profitable to have a second-run/classic theater right now, so he had to make the hard decision of closing the theater. It was a very nice, classically restored theater too, with a balcony even, but it did not have easy-access parking, which is probably why they didn't make much during the Winter months. The JCCP is still performing at other venues, but not weekly unfortunately.

    The callbacks vary depending on the region you are in, and there is not really a universal script to follow for the audience participation callbacks. Calling Brad an Asshole, and Janet a Slut is fairly constant through most regions though.
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    Yes, Rocky should be seen in the theater with people dressed up, water pistols, newspapers, ...the whole shooting match. I've seen it at home and it loses its intent. I still enjoyed the music and of course the gay camp. It's lots of fun.

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    I saw it the first time as part of a Halloween thing at Kent State in '03 with my ex-girlfriend. I remember being creeped out, and weirded by the whole experience but one thing happened- I could NOT get the music out of my head at all. lol. I have a copy of the Absolute Pleasure soundtrack from the movie as a gift from a friend of mine on CD, and I do want a copy of Rocky Horror. Just for the kitschy stuff. LOL.

    I admit I am a square if you will... but still, that movie has it's moments.


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