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    Default Hi everyone

    I am glad to join you. Thanks, Moo, for the warm welcome message.

    I first started wearing diapers a couple of years ago. My former partner's nephew used to come to visit us, and we kept Goodnites on hand for his bedwetting. One day I got the idea that they might fit me so I tried one fit!...things just kept going from there... I still wear Goodnites occasionally, but I prefer adult diapers most of the time. Until now I have not told anyone else that I wear them. I would say I am more DL than AB but recently discovered that I do like a pacifier and bottle sometimes.

    As for the rest of my life, I have some friends I meet up with every Wed evening to keep me sane and to help break up the work week. I also really like music. I am learning to play the electric bass and hope to start playing in a band within the next year. I went to a great one-week bass clinic this summer during my vacation and am still hyped about it. Right now, I find myself drawn to funk and funk rock, but I am trying to learn to play a range of styles that also include blues and even some jazz. I listen to hip-hop a lot on the radio, especially while driving. I also work out regularly including bike riding, inline skating, and going to the gym. I love bmx flatland biking and admire folks that do it well, but am very much a beginner at it myself and have less time to do it since I got a job with a commute. I am mesmirzed when I study flatland DVDs that I have. I also like watching more traditional sports like basketball and football.

    I work in a health center but on the research side of things. I plan research and design surveys to be administered to patients and clients so the clinic can better understand and meet their needs, and I analyze other data we collect in the clinic to help our directors staff the clinic adequately at times of heaviest use. So far I have not really worn diapers at work, but I sometimes change into one before I leave and drive home wearing it.

    Guess that's plenty for now...I look forward to getting to know folks in the forums.

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    A rather long and well thought out introduction. If this is your first forums site, Welcome.

    My introduction was not as well thought like yours is. But since joining I have got lots of support and advice. And so long as your nice to everyone, you will get niceness in return.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I appreciate it and look forward to learning more here.

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    Welcome to the site, hope you have/are having a good time! what are your favorite sports teams?

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    Thanks for the welcome! Since I live in CA, I am trying to stay loyal to the Raiders even though they have been doing terrible the past few years. But I also follow the Steelers because I lived in Pittsburgh before moving to CA, and I have never seen city more into their team than Pittsburgh. For basketball, I root for the Warriors as long as their season lasts! But I was rooting for the Celtics in the playoffs this year. For either sport, though, I can get into any good game no matter who is playing. How about you? Any favorites?

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