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Thread: Momma Silver Is Here!

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    Default Momma Silver Is Here!

    I wonder how many people will recognize me.

    I'm known as just "Silver" on a forum called Foxtalestimes, and my own little place I call Heaven.

    So how many of you here recognize me? ( I sure do recognize a couple of you )

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    Nope. But welcome all the same.

    For those of us who don't know, care to tell us a little more about you?

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    Meh I don't tend to introduce myself very well considering people figure out who and what I am over time as I talk to others.


    I'm a Dominatrix/Mommy/Mistress while also being a switch and able to play the Submissive/Babygirl/Slave when rubbed the right way.

    I have a large AB/Slave family that I Care for online.

    I'm into almost every softcore fetish and bdsm activity.

    I help people whenever I can as well. I help people with emotional troubles and real life problems when I can. When I can't I try to find someone else who can.

    Feel free to ask any other questions =)

    Argh I can't figure out how to edit my posts...


    I wanted to add that wow you guys have a lot... LOT of posts in just a small amount of time >>;
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    Yeah, we're pretty busy. You can't edit your posts until your status is Newbie, I believe. You're Newly Joined, but it doesn't take long to update.

    I'd be more interested in you as a person outside of your fetishes, but of course you don't have to say anything you don't want to. I don't really have anything else to ask so...

    Hope you enjoy your time here =)

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