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Thread: Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, Stone Sour and more!!!

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    Default Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, Stone Sour and more!!!

    Just had to share this with those who love these bands--I am f---ing jazzed and ready to ROCK!!! I got tickets to the Uproar Concert outside Sacramento for my eighteen year-old daughter and I.

    Not just any tickets either. Box seats. Looks like they're dead center, first row, seats one and two!!! Talk about cool. This is gonna be incredible. We should be sitting right behind the mixer board.

    I love the new Disturbed stuff and Avenged Sevenfold as well, Nightmare is the coolest.

    Only a few weeks and this will kick ass!

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    I... am so jealous... I want to go see that concert!!!!
    Nice score tho! You gotta let me know how it went!!!!

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    Sounds like you are going to have a very fun time.

    I'd rather see the DMB at the Gorge next year, but that's just me. I've already seen those guys ten times.

    Never heard any of the new Disturbed stuff. If it's as awesome as their first album was, I just might purchase one of those CDs.

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    One of my friends at work wants me to go the one in NY with him. But I won't...
    I don't really like Disturbed, or the new Avenged Sevenfold.
    I saw A7X a few years back. They were releasing the self titled CD a week after the show. I had it already, though. I didn't really like it, because they really softened up on that album.
    Luckily, they didn't play much from it. They played a surprisingly large amount of songs from Waking the Fallen.
    My current obsession is Arch Enemy.

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    I can't go cuz I have a Cross Country meet the same day as the show nearest to me... which is 2 and 1/2 hour's drive... plus I have school the next day. My parents said no before I finished, and I'd rather not disobey them....

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    You lucky dog, get ready for an awesome show. Uproar just tore up the Toronto Molson show of the summer by far. A7X stole the show from headliners Disturbed (these guys put on a seriously sick live show).

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    Yer too old to like these bands. D:

    *Totally didn't say that out of jealousy* >.> <.<

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    nice, sounds pretty sweet. I've been to so many shows but haven't seen any of those bands yet. have fun!

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    Sounds like fun! Avenged Sevenfold is one of my newest favorites. I like the others a bit too. Never heard of Halestorm though.

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    I've seen Disturbed once (actually at my first concert in 7th grade; it was a festival show for a local alt rock station); even though I'm not really into them, they were quite good live & put on a good show for openers of the festival.

    I like A7X's older stuff, but they're still pretty good now & they seem like they'd be a great live band.
    I'd love to see Stone Sour live.

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