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Thread: Tranquility Daytime pull-ups: What the..?

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    Default Tranquility Daytime pull-ups: What the..?

    Woah, pup is back... actually with a number of samples and he's taking notes and will return to paste here.

    But in the meantime, he just had the most bizarre experience with one of the Tranquility "Daytime" pull-ups. Comfy, cloth-y, and fairly thick, he kinda liked the whole idea until he piddled and checked for a leak, and... What's this? The entirety of it was 'sweating', both the waistbandy area and the padding. And upon examination of chair and under light, 'sweating' means more like 'sponging' straight through the outer cloth - in a manner that would surely wick straight through to any garment worn over it.

    Is this a bizarre quirk of these? Did pup just get some from a bad batch? Does 'heavy' mean '4 tablespoons?' ('Cause it wasn't much over that.)

    Pup doesn't expect the world from pull-ups (sadly.. still has hope for the ATNs yet to try!), but this was instantaneous. What stayed in the gel stayed in the gel, pup guesses, but anything beyond that was wicking right through the cloth. He could speculate that a design like this could apply to conditions more 'in back,' but is more curious if this is even normal for the product.

    Trusting this particular one for actual 'daytime' use would have been a bad practical joke!

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    Pup knows it's bad form to 'bump' yourself, but - can it really be possible that nobody else has tried these?

    He'd hate to give a product a bad rep on here if this was really a fluke, or he was Doing It Wrong or something. But if every package is like that he'd better stay away!

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    *whine,* pup just found this thread here which suggests it's an issue throughout their pull-up line. Pup was looking forward to trying the ATN pull-ups (of which he ordered like a half-pack of samples), but is gonna have to be extra-careful now.

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    I doubt this is a bad batch, because I wrote Tranquility with the SAME problem.. you can loose like a table spoon in these and RIGHT through!.. The reason I say it wasn't a bad batch, is because it happened to me in the Daytime.. AND the Night ones! I E-mailed them about the whole issue I'll post it here with their reply.. Long story short they are *supposed* to be sending me a postage paid box to send some back for testing.. we'll see.

    To whom it may concern;

    I recently had the chance to try your product line making a switch from Tena to Tranquility after my local med supply store suggested it.
    I must say, that I was impressed by the performance of the Slimline, and the ATN disposable briefs, they seem absorbent and were discreet enough to get me around and without embarrassment. Both products were rather comfortable too.
    Where I had a problem was with both the Premium OverNight and Premium DayTime Underwear. The product seemed more comfortable and looked to have a better build quality than the previous products I was using, the discreetness and ease of use was nice too. However I was really disappointed in the performance that this product produced. Several times while I was out or at work and I had a mishap the underware leaked, but not in a spot I was familiar with. I have seen pull-up underwear leak around the sides or back etc if not on or sized properly, these however leak through the outside barrier, soaking my clothing.
    This has happened with the last two bags I have purchased (Thinking maybe the first one was a bad batch) but after the second bag was done I was rather disappointed to find that an inferior product like Tena handles leaks better than Tranquility's "Premium" line. I am not sure if this was a bad run of product, or if there's been a bad design flaw, but I wanted to voice my concern. Personally I would rather see the same quality and type of materials used in the briefs only made into the ease of a pull-up underwear. I know marketing and design say the solid plastic might not be discreet due to noise, but it's much easier to hide a light rustling sound than it is to work or live in wet clothing.
    I may continue to use Slimline or ATN but at the moment I will not be using the underwear again.

    Thank you.
    The Reply:

    Thank you for contacting us about the disposable underwear. We
    appreciate you taking time to inform us of what you liked and didn't
    like about the product. It is frustrating and disappointing when a
    product doesn't work as you expected. Our briefs and disposable
    underwear are made with the same quality of raw goods. While the
    manufacturing process is very different the core, polymer and tissues
    are all the same. My first thought when reading your email is that
    there is a possibility that the leg openings on the disposable underwear
    are not snug enough or have some slight gaps. This would allow the
    urine to leak around to the front. There is a moisture barrier in the
    product where the core is so the urine can not physically go directly
    through the product. We can send you a postage paid envelope for you to
    send 2 in for our lab to test them and they can determine if there are
    any defects in the product. Please include your address if you wish to
    have some tested.

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    I sent off a reply assuring her that it was NOT a gap in the legs.. I'm sure I wouldn't get it wrong 23times.. (1.5 bags or so) and my address so I could send them some back... my advice to you is to somewhat copy my message and modify it to suit you and write them, maybe they will realize they messed up on these... Throw in the bit about using REAL plastic like I did.. every bit helps.. who knows? Maybe one day we'll get a ATN in a pull up and life would be grand!

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    Yarp. This pup might have to. 'Upon review,' some of it has been the leg, cuz the leakguards sit either very narrow (medium) or wide (large) and are confusing to seat right... "before that" the 'fabric' does sweat enough to leave a dime-size spot between pup's legs on his jeans - where no one but shorter pups are looking, so that's not so bad, but compounding everything, these are relatively "slow on the uptake" compared to their own briefs or.. anything else. Then once the front is damp it sorta 'stalls' between the legs and either goes over the leakguard or becomes 'squeeze out' through the 'sweaty' fabric or the seam.

    Pup almost wonders if they were manufactured or warehoused in high humidity, because the ATN briefs.. have an advantage from the plastic shell, but also don't seem quite so 'slow.' (And again, Depend turns out to be pretty 'fast' and surprisingly 'futuristic' with that one-way magic liner material, but are short on capacity, *whine!*)

    For those with real issues, pup thinks these could sorta work for a dribbler who wants something thick but 'breathable', or wears plastic over them anyway. They've got a wonderful feel dry but just are not working out "in practice."

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    It is most likely a problem with sweating and condensation/evaporation. My experience is that with plastic backed diapers, there could be technically no leaks, a perfect seal around the legs, but because the urine is warm, and the outside of the diaper is against the legs, you sweat against the outside of the plastic. Now seeing as plastic dosnt absorb liquid, the sweat on the outside evaporates/dries pretty fast most of the time. Now a cloth backed diaper, since cloth holds moisture, and wicks the moisture, the outer cloth of a diaper will hold more heat, cause more sweating, wick it, and stay moist much much longer. You add to that a high humidity level in the area (and in your pants), the fabric will absorb even more moisture.
    The diaper is not leaking threw the plastic, but more a problem that you notice the wetness more on the outside of a cloth backed diaper then a plastic backed, and the cloth backed backing absorbs moisture and stays moist much longer

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    Wow! Very good idea / reasoning. That could very well be a good possibility. Only one small problem with my scenario. This happened to me sitting at home, with no pants on and central air on.

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    I found that I sweated a lot when I started wearing, (disposable, plastic) and as my skin got used to it, not so much of a problem anymore.

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    Well, as promised, the envelope showed up today, and I put in two of the diapers in question and will be depositing in the mailbox tomorrow.

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    Ughh.. Sorry, but I can't STAND it when people talk in 3rd person.. I saw this guy on tv whose name was Bobby and this is what he said. "Bobby likes to drink. Bobby likes to smoke. Bobby likes to go to bars. And Bobby gets away with it." Wtf? 'o.O

    Anyway, I've tried the nightime pull-ups and never had any problems. They actually held a good 3 wettings of mine, but I couldn't go for 4 considering I had to get rid of it before my parents got home any second. Haven't tried the daytime.. Sorry :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by RawrKittyx3 View Post
    Ughh.. Sorry, but I can't STAND it when people talk in 3rd person..
    Agreed, really hard to take the OP seriously when it's written like that.

    Thanks for the heads up though, will stay away from this product.

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