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    Does anyone know if any major stores (walmart, kmart, cvs, wal-greens, or meijers) has or carries and decent or good plastic-back diapers? I wanna try some but all I ever find are the cloth-backed. :/. And I don't wanna order from online cause my mom would ask me what I got in the mail and make me open it in front of her >:-( grr.

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    Fifteen or more years ago manufacturers of disposable diapers discovered that an unexpected benefit to them is that the shelf-life of cloth-like diapers is vastly longer than classic poly-plastic. Additionally cloth-like suffers far less shipping damage. As the cost of cloth-like material was reduced to being the same or lower than poly-plastic, production of poly-plastic diapers slowed.

    Retailers found that most people needing adult diapers in retail stores prefer cloth-like. Professional care givers of adults confined to bed do prefer poly-plastic shells because they are easier to change when you have practice and they leak less in bed. Actual incontinent people typically order disposables on-line to save money, because they know how many diapers they will need each month. Hospitals and nursing homes use so many adult disposables that shelf-life is not much of a problem. This is why firms such as Attends Health Products mostly markets to institutions and through on-line distributors of incontinence products. As a minor consideration Attends sells some diapers to retail stores.

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