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Thread: Going to ask out a girl need some advice.

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    Question Going to ask out a girl need some advice.

    So there is this girl I've been into since before I liked girls (a little cliché I know but true). I've been meaning to start making a move on her since two years ago. But I never get up the courage. I have her cell phone number and I am her friend on Facebook. I am trying to faze myself back into her life. After I moved schools and Churches I lost track of her. Then in Eighth grade I was in a play she came to see. She gave me her number and I kept meaning to call her. But I'm to nervous to call.

    And in the words of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, "I'm sure you had plenty of Loves since then!" Marion's line. "Yeah, but the all had the same problem. They weren't you." Indy's line.
    That's true for this girl. Minus the fact that I've never had another love life that even came half as close as she did to being my girlfriend.

    So what should I do to ask her out.

    P.S. I'm am one grade above her if that matters. Also she has had a few boyfriends. Meanwhile I have had zero girlfriends. I once took her to the movies.

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    Asking somebody out is possibly one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. I'm no dating guru, but in my experience the longer you leave it the worse you'll feel if she says no, and you may regret not asking her sooner.

    If we simplify things: If you ask her there's a 50% chance you'll end up going out. If you don't ask her there's a 0% chance you'll end up going out.

    Obviously girls are not logical and so the figures may be slightly off =P

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    Thanks I'm gonna try to catch her after one of her soccer games. (She goes to a different school in the county.) But this will be after a plan I have set up in my head. (it will take a while but not too long ... I hope.)

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    It may be kind of obvious to her if you start to phase yourself into her life.
    Maybe she'll even think it's cute. That could be a possibility if you've gone to the movies with her.

    I'll be a GGT here.
    I find that even if I don't think a guy is cute, he starts to grow on me when I get to know him better, and see how nice he is. Do some research on the things she likes, because here's how it works. When she says something, you have to reply with more interesting things on the same topic. What I'm trying to say is, make sure it's not a one sided conversation. But don't talk too much. Keep it even.
    It has been proven that people like people who smile and laugh, so obviously, that's what you have to do.
    I'll come back when I think of more.

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    [/COLOR]hey, i dont know if my post went through, but ill try again. Dude, i know exactly where your coming from. I've asked out exactly 6 girls in my life, 2 have said yes, and only one became my girlfriend for 3 months. she dumped me, we're still friends, but its always akward and i still liked her. Anyway, i'm liking a new girl now and my friend is setting up a double date for me and her( shes crushing on my friend casey, so its killing to birds with one stone). So, from my experience, here what you should do: a) go on a double date
    b) get a friend to be a wing man
    or c) go for the old tongue tying, leg shaking, hardest-thing-in-life thing known as THE DIRECT APPROACH!

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    The most important thing is to be confident, girls like guys who are confident. Make eye contact with her and psycho yourself up before you do it. Also do it when her friends aren't around or it will just be harder to do.

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    Thanks every one. still planning on starting to phase into her life. (I think thats the best way since we haven't really had contact since 6th grade (I'm in 10th now. and had a few seconds of contact in 8th.) I am planning to invite her to the mall. (After I get some money. And a drivers license.) And telling her she can ask me for something and I'll buy it. (as long as its with in price range. AKA no real expensive jewelry.)

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    It's much easier to call and ask someone out than it is to do it face to face. If you're calling, it's easy. Just do it, nothing is ever going to happen if don't just call her.

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    for my two cents: Its hard to get out of 'the friend zone' so do not phase in - if you are out of her immediate circle atm then you are half way there - DIVE in. Let her know from the beginning openly that you are interested, don't try to do it in stages.

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    Ok, now I'm going to respond as a real girl and you're going to have to listen to me.

    Don't get your friends to set up weird double dates, don't take her to the mall and make her ask for something.

    If you want to go out with someone then grow a pair of balls and just ask them, already. The worst that's going to happen is that she'll say no. Don't ask her to be your girlfriend, just ask her out on a date (be specific! don't say 'want to go on a date sometime?' ask her 'do you want to go out for coffee on saturday?') and take a little gift along with you, if you feel it's appropriate.

    It rarely is though, in this day and age to actuallly bring a gift, I know a lot of my friends say it makes them feel uncomfortable, unless it's something that makes sense.

    E.g. when I was working outside during winter Charlie bought me some little handwarmer things as a gift when I went to see him. That was a sweet gift that made sense. Don't go buying gifts just to win her over because it will just make her feel uncomfortable, possibly indebted to you (and you want her to be going out with you because she likes you, right? Not just because you buy her expensive gifts!) and to be honest, it will probably come off as a little weird if the first time you go out with her you get her something.

    Now, as for date ideas. Movies are out. If you invite someone to the movies it means you don't have anything to talk to them about. Remember, this is your first date, so this is when you're trying to win her over with your charm, wit and personality to becoming your girlfriend. If you take her to somewhere where all you do is stare at a screen for 2 hours, that's not going to happen.

    NB: I'm not saying going to the movies can never be a great date, I'm just saying it's not appropriate for a first date.

    You need to take her someplace where she will enjoy, where you two can interact, and best of all, if you really want a girl to fall for you, take her to someplace where you can teach her something! This is a very risky maneuvre, but if you pull it off, you'll go far. The trick here is to make some common memories of you helping her with something. If you take her crazy-golfing and know the secret to the 7th hole, and tell her and show her and teach her how it's done, then she'll appreciate that. Of course, it's very tough not to be patronising, especially if you're really proud of your skill, so if you are in any doubt as to whether you might be patronising then just don't do it! (This is a pro's move, probably not for novices!)

    To conclude: man up and just ask her out, take her somewhere decent for a date, don't buy her a gift.

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